This Vicious Minute

solo performance · bam · Ages 17+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

NOMINEE: Best One Person Show – Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012
WINNER: Best of Fringe – Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012
WINNER: Inaugural Ezra Buzzington “I Am Fringe” Award – Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012 ~ now the Ezra Buzzington “Spirit of the Fringe” Award


“The most stunning…most provocative, most gut-wrenching piece of theatre in this year’s Fringe…brutally honest and compelling…I could not turn away…[an] amazing story…this is what the Fringe is all about.” (Los Feliz Examiner)

“A powerful autobiographical journey…a no restraints, straight-shooting confession…[a] wildly fascinating tale…utterly raw, compelling and, most of all, intense…a heavy-hitting story that NEEDS to be experienced.” (LA Theatre Review)

“[An actor] whose intensity enlivened all my senses…I wanted to bear witness…[an] epic memoir…so raw, so compelling and so lazer focused that you will not be able to stop listening…without a doubt [this play] is one of the more important shows to see at the Hollywood Fringe this year.” (Gia on the Move)

“The production is so simple and story so personal, it seems perfectly suited for the Fringe…the play is never indulgent…[it avoids] self-pity and melodrama…a powerful display: a physical journal of suffering, rarely seen in live theatre.” (Cinesnatch)


“Quiet and devastating…honest in the telling, the playing and the living…be prepared to have your throat clench…[yet] gut-bustingly funny at times…we leave the theatre soaring…the best I saw [at Fringe].”

“This play is a hell of a thing…infused [with] humor…poetic…a raw, unabashed performance…I am a better person for seeing this play.”

“An inspiring [performance] that I won’t forget.”

“Seamlessly weaves the intellectual and the visceral, flows effortlessly…it is a rare debut solo show that is this honest, this passionate and this captivating.”

“Extremely well-written and adeptly executed…brutally honest and unflinching…extremely well-crafted [and] never indulgent.”

“The most beautiful and poetic confession I’ve ever been privileged enough to witness…a master storyteller.”

“Honest, unflinching…poetic and accessible…Go see this!”

“Simply put, [this is] the show you have to see at Fringe. GO!”


Cutting. It’s not just for “emo” or “goth” kids. “This Vicious Minute” is a jarringly personal and powerfully raw journey through the psyche of the unlikeliest of “cutters” – an All-American male. This achingly human, autobiographical account explores the disturbing nature of self-injury and its profound effects on family and relationships. The play is laden with humor, pathos, catharsis and, ultimately, honesty about a subject that few understand or take the time to address.

It is a story about love, addiction and finding the strength to live the only moment we have – this present, this precious, this vicious minute.

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* Fringe Veteran