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Is He Dead?

theatre · coeurage theatre company · Ages 10+ · family friendly · United States

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It was great to see people so committed to their characters. The accents and characterizations were wonderful. I loved the energy and comedic timing of the cast. Everyone was so focused. It was such a joy to watch.... full review
DAVID WISEHART June 11, 2012
It's hard to do farce well, and Coeurage Theatre Company pulls it off. The show moves fast and the ensemble work is fun to watch. Hilarious, and highly recommended.... full review
KATE MINES June 10, 2012
HIllarious Show. If you love great physical comedy then GO!!! It reminded me of a Moliere play in it's style. The acting is wonderful and the direction is so great. The real stand out performances were from Kurt Quinn, Gregory Marcel and TJ Marchbank. The comedy and timing is unmatched. Another great part of this show is the price. Every show is Pay What you Want! ... full review
ROBECCA LUGNUT June 12, 2012
I had such a fun time at this show. Mark Twain's hilarious play was brought to life with this committed cast. The physicality and vocal work were something to be admired. The set was exceptionally simple yet so well constructed that i felt transported. the accent work was also very well done. The commitment of the cast individually and as a whole was clear and truly took the production to the level of professionalism that will surely get them recognized at this festival.... full review
I wanted to like it because the actors were all working so hard to get a laugh, but it was so creaky it was all kind of hopeless. The one person who didn't advertantly overact, Gregory Marcel, was the funniest of all without giving the appearance of trying so hard. He had that Gielgud-like ability to be funny just by standing there. I can't offer any encouragement to see it. I wish I could.... full review
TOM - OF ONE KLEPTON June 18, 2012
Wagner and his cast captured Twain's tone and timing tremendously well; a farce fun for the whole family! Any starving artist can relate to the subject matter, and anyone else can go eat limburger cheese... for zey are ze wurst!... full review
GABRIEL MORALES certified reviewer June 09, 2012
Raucous, zany fun by a dazzling comedic ensemble! Admittedly, it took me a few moments to adjust to the breakneck speed of their high-energy antics. Once I did, it was a magnificent ride. Farce might not be for everyone, but great theater is. So make room for #IsHeDead in your #HFF12 schedules!... full review
KAT PRIMEAU certified reviewer June 11, 2012
Coeurage continues to produce high-quality classical theatre with panache, and 'Is He Dead?' does not disappoint. Twain's slapstick comedy raises the bar for fringe audiences on the hunt for something with a little more substance, with beautiful period costuming, razor sharp direction, and a taut ensemble led by the endlessly hilarious Deven Simonson. I cannot wait to see this company continue grow and garner more fans, a fate they most certainly deserve!... full review
DANA MURPHY certified reviewer June 11, 2012
Hilarious character choices, exquisitely crafted physical comedy, mile a minute pacing...just as great farce should be. Coeurage Theatre never disappoints with their quality of work. Don't miss this show!... full review

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