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Love Is a Battlefield

theatre · love is a battlefield production · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

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TONY BARTOLONE June 25, 2012
Intriguing, poignant and full of angst, Love is a Battlefield achieves an air of nostalgia while pulling us into a story of star-crossed lovers. Part Paul Thomas Anderson, part Saved By the Bell: The College Years; the “battle” here is one of contrivance vs. creativity. The winner? Storytelling. Every so often we get too comfortable with the world and human progress in concerns to prejudice. Then something happens to remind us that the world is full of hate, and there is always growth to be made. This interesting, little play acted as a catalyst against the mind of complacency. When realizing what the play was about, I must admit the thought occurred, “Oh, its one of those.” (Which is a prejudice against preachy entertainment.) But moment... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 17, 2012
I must admit that this show was not what I expected. The published concept of a group of college studies trying to come to terms with life and love sounded innocuous enough and in no way prepared me for this powerhouse performance. Right off the bat, walking into a theater where the actors were already on stage posed in the climatic position was unique in and of itself. The play took off like a speeding bullet from a gun, and never lost speed, as we bounced back and forth from present day to flashbacks of the events leading up to that climatic scene. Ana Villafane was impressive as the scourned girlfriend, who had just learned that her boyfriend (and future fiance') of three years had been sleeping with a guy for the past year. No... full review

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