Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life

theatre · purple turtle productions · Ages 12+ · United States

world premiere
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BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 10, 2012
This was one of my most anticipated shows of this year's Fringe, and I will have to say I highly recommend it. Believe the hype - this show is the real deal. The show was well written and staged. The show was perfectly cast, and the direction was evident. The entire cast did an outstanding job, but I was particularly impressed by the work of Jesse Holcomb, as "Lo." She played the mentally ill former child actress with feeling and believability through her myriad of moods. The music and staging set the proper mood, and lent themselves to a feeling of reality. Although dark at times, the story nevertheless was one of hope and triumph through hard times. Two thumbs up for this show - don't miss it!... full review
VASEK FRANK (CINESNATCH) certified reviewer June 12, 2012
Director/Producer Deborah Geffner walked onto the stage of the Open Fist Theatre during a Special Event Preview June 10th to announce the Purple Turtle Productions’ world premiere of Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life. She has a voice similar to Wendie Malick and once she exited, a drum roll introduces a spotlight hitting Barbara Keegan, who plays down-on-her-luck character actor Rue. With her redheaded bob with bangs, she looks like an Irish Ann Jillian who hails from the same comedic class as 80s legend Paula Poundstone. She wears solid green and purple pantsuits and doles out an awful(ly short) bit that lands with a huge kerthunk. At times, we’re watching yet another sad LA story about an artist just wanting to make a living in their chos... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 19, 2012
This show absolutely lived up to the hype it's been getting on the Fringe streets. Within 5 minutes, I was hooked into the story. The lead actress is fantastic, she effortlessly keeps the story moving. The supporting actors are great, there wasn't a moment where I didn't care about their characters. My only complaint would be that I think it's mistitled. I'm not sure that title does the show any justice, it is far better than the title makes it sound. Make time in Fringe schedule for this one.... full review
NIKOLAI VON KELLER certified reviewer June 16, 2012
It was great! And who's that foxy blonde girl? I'd watch "Stand Up Girl" if she were the lead.... full review
ALEX SCOTT certified reviewer June 19, 2012
Though Jennifer Aniston's blackouts and scene transitions are far too long, and the lack of preshow music seems odd and a little bit lazy, the script and cast more than make up for it. This ensemble takes the spontaneity of Jon Courie's fun, yet extremely dark comedy and spins it in a way that seems absolutely normal. This is a fun show full of heart that all audiences can grasp and understand. I'd highly recommend it for any actor that's ever gone on an audition - ever. Just make sure you have enough time for the hour and forty-five minutes this show runs. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 19, 2012
This is a good show. This is very good theatre. I highly recommend it. The one thing I (personally) didn't care for was the almost vaudeville esque acting of Rue. When she play subtle, and truthfully, it was frakking powerful. If you're an actor, you will cringe at how accurate this show can be. Recommended. ... full review
PAMI MALINOVA certified reviewer June 25, 2012
This play is one of the funniest at the Frindge Festival this year. "Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life" is an examination of fanatic celebrity culture, through the eyes of Rue Murphy and her Daughter, a once-upon-a-time child star. Rue is desperately trying to make it in the "Bizz" but can barely pay her rent. Her daughter has a mental disability of sorts and spends most of her time on stage creating celebrity collages. But their luck seems to take a turn for the better when a positively blond Hollywood hopeful moves into their spare bedroom. Aligned with her true self and a smile to match she teaches Rue that she must let go of her past in order to embrace her present in all its glory. She takes classes at what can only be described as an alle... full review
KATHY TURNER certified reviewer July 23, 2012
I had hoped to see this play during the Fringe Festival but just kept coming up short on time so was so excited when I heard it was extended and rushed right out and got a ticket (3 tickets actually, I brought friends and told them it should be hysterical - how could it not, the title alone said it all to me). I sat myself in a seat on Sunday, July 22 expecting a one-woman comedy performance. Don't ask me why, I guess I never read the other reviews or properly read the synopsis but when I saw the program and realized there were other actors and definite scenes, I figured oh well, I'll enjoy this just as well and was still glad I was here to see this whimsical comedy. Once again I was totally wrong. It's not a comedy, though there is a lo... full review
SHARI BARRETT certified reviewer June 18, 2012
The world premiere of “Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life” by Jon Courie, directed by Deborah Geffner, is taking place at the Hudson Guild Theater during the Hollywood Fringe Festival, featuring four Emmy Award winning and Tony nominated cast members. Image and Likeness LLC produced the dark and comic play. “Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life” is what you get if you took four characters from a sitcom with a heart of gold, stuck them in a Sam Shepard play and sprinkled in some arsenic. It’s the Fall of 2009 in a dilapidated North Hollywood apartment. Rue Murphy (Barbara Keegan) has a failing house-cleaning business, a stalled acting career, five maxed out credit cards, and a grown-up, ex-child star but now dependent daughter named Lo (Jesse Holco... full review