I Met Someone

theatre · be like a duck productions · Ages 18+ · United States

one person show

Cheryl Francis Harrington’s one woman show, “I Met Someone” is about a woman’s winding escapades with the opposite sex. Cheryl’s lifelong search for true love in all the wrong places, takes us on a journey that begins in her mother’s Harlem living room. While taking us from one relationship to the next, seasoned by absentee fathers and a seemingly endless parade of disappointing dates, sewn together by years of self-help guru’s trying to assist Ms. Harrington in her struggle to find Mr. Right and her desperate attempts to make a meaningful connection with two father figures, both of whom she will never come to know.
With each unwinding story another painful truth about the performer is revealed and with it, a truth about her humanity. Themes of self-esteem, belonging, and the tenuous structure of the contemporary black family quietly frame the edges of this riveting drama. “I Met Someone” poignantly portrays one woman’s quest to find the love of her life only to discover that love was staring back at her in the mirror all the while. Its message is one of HOPE and HEALING. “Your heart can heal,” Cheryl teaches us as she weaves her Love Story-and “If you have the courage to release the past, heal from pain, and open your heart to love, it will find you.”

Production Team

cheryl francis harrington *

writer, producer, actor

dale mitchell *

creative consultant

kimleigh smith  *

creative consultant

rashida anderson *

production manager

* Fringe Veteran