Musicals & Operas · clive kennedy · Ages 10+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

family friendly one person show world premiere
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GORDON STEPHEN MATHESON JR certified reviewer June 17, 2022
I was entertained with the amazing talent of Clive Kennedy. He reminded me of the Storytelling of Jim Croce and Harry Chapin. I was pleasantly surprised as the tale of the suitcase unravelled during the show. Given the vast song catalog he has I believe he hand picked some of the best tunes for this show. Congratulation Clive on this show and your NEW Documentary. ... full review
TRISH COHEN certified reviewer June 23, 2022
Brilliant, clever, unique and touching. ... full review
CORY DAGG certified reviewer June 23, 2022
Fantastic solo performance, very gifted singer and song writer. Loved the show! Highly recommend. ... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY the certified reviewer June 16, 2022
tagged as: A PLATINUM MEDAL!!!
A Brit ballader with tunes that utterly delight and banter that thoroughly captivates. One of the most satisfying hours I have spent at HFF22.... ... full review
LISA PEZIK certified reviewer June 17, 2022
tagged as: entertaining · one man · musical
Wonderful music, heartfelt stories, it was an enjoyable experience. Clive is incredibly talented with the guitar and I enjoyed watching him have so much fun on stage.... full review
DENISE GEORGE certified reviewer June 14, 2022
tagged as: disarming · Engaging · charming
A deft hand at songwriting and a charming storyteller, Clive’s disarming tales of his life will win you over, and the songs will stick in your head as only the best songs can. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 11, 2022
Out of a suitcase that looks like it's seen some serious mileage comes some musical brass tubing, concert posters and merch from the sixties... then it collapses... the suitcase, that is.... full review
CORTNEY MATZ certified reviewer June 05, 2022
tagged as: memoir
A charming and companionable journey. I really enjoyed the music and songwriting!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 05, 2022
Clive Kennedy is a fantastic singer songwriter and story teller. Loved his show!... full review