How To Be Japanese

miyo yamauchi · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 05, 2022
I loved Miyo Yamauchi's Piece. It was most unusual & honest. She had me laughing & at times feeling very pensive about humanity, history & her personal family story.... full review
BONNIE FELT certified reviewer June 07, 2022
I had the pleasure of seeing Miyo’s debut of her first solo storytelling performance and she did not disappoint. Conscious of every word, every gesture, every movement, she captivated the audience as she wove one story seamlessly into the next. Miyo, the storyteller, was skilled, animated, and at home on stage. Her stories were crafted so well that we could easily see ourselves in every scene or situation that she related to us. Her Stories were enlightening, relatable, compelling, humorous, surprising, and dramatic! Her accompanying background slides served to accent her storytelling but did not interfere. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance and look forward to witnessing her brand of storytelling again! ... full review
YUKO MIYAHARA certified reviewer June 07, 2022
tagged as: delightful
Miyo's performance was exquisite from start to finish. Her story was filled with humor and humanity about what it is like to live in the United States as Japanese. She took us to the Hollywood bowl, Seoul, Mexico, and Hiroshima Japan. Each story brought so many laughs and smiles Sometimes deep and touching. Her unique perspective and unexpected twist were delightful. Beautiful visuals, sound effects, and use of space added a lot to her vibrant storytelling! I left the theater energized and happy! Thank you, Miyo!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 05, 2022
tagged as: Engaging · Different · witty · brilliant
Miyo's one-woman performance is refreshingly witty and different! Miyo has fun on stage while moving the audience through one clever, insightful, or unbelievable story after another. An entire hour filled with laughter (and learning) leaves me wanting to return to Miyo's show again and again!... full review
SEAN EWERT certified reviewer June 21, 2022
tagged as: humorous · Storytelling · solo show · memoir
Miyo is a fresh new voice! My face hurt by the end of the show because a smile never left my face. She discusses sensitive topics with ease and brings humor to everything. I never will think of Hello Kitty in the same way! Miyo bridges the gap between cultures beautifully and puts herself in the middle of what could be uncomfortable - but for us becomes a teaching moment with her deft storytelling style. The hour flew by! Congratulations on a lovely, entertaining show! ... full review
CARA LOPEZ LEE certified reviewer June 13, 2022
Miyo Yamauchi is a delightful storyteller who gives an audience so much. How To be Japanese is funny, poignant, and thought-provoking. It not only taught me about Japanese culture, but helped me get a new perspective on American culture through that lens. ... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY the certified reviewer June 09, 2022
tagged as: A SILVER MEDAL
Yamauchi is at her best when tendering cultural insights such as, “Japanese people believe alcohol is a perfume for our minds.”... full review
APRILLE ISHAM certified reviewer June 08, 2022
tagged as: merry · complex · contagious · clever · courageous
Her stories will beguile you, they'll raise your Blood Pressure. They'll squish, twist and trounce you. Her innocent presence (HA!) will engage you. Fool you.... full review
LISA LOCKHART certified reviewer June 08, 2022
How does one person command the stage for an hour and make it feel like 10 minutes? She makes it funny and inspiring and makes it feel like she's just telling us stories over a cup of coffee! Miyo Yamauchi charmed us with her bubbly personality and her quirky outlook on the differences between the eastern and western worlds, and enlightened us to the many reasons why just liking sushi won't make us Japanese!... full review
CYNTHIA CLARKE certified reviewer June 08, 2022
What a delight! Being part of the live audience for Miyo Y's Hollywood Fringe Festival solo show, "How To Be Japanese." Miyo skillfully weaves together several stories (a couple of which I had heard before in different iterations), using connectors that produced a smoothly flowing, hilarious and also sweet, one-woman performance. I especially treasured her voices for her different characters. If I have to pick one, I would choose the story about her grandmother as my favorite. Oh and let me not forget the talented co-star. What co-star, you ask? Wasn't this a one-woman show? I'm talking about her single prop--a push-able, black cube which served alternately as a pin on a map, a boiling cauldron, and even an actual place for sitting! ... full review