Not That Illegal

yusuf yildiz · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

July 25, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

I enjoyed the clean transitions between scenes, the strong chemistry between Ali and his best friends Vito and Joseph. Their comedic timing was really on point. I also loved Ali’s monologue during his immigration interview. All in all it was a great shining light into how immigration deals with giving Green Cards to those marrying American Citizens.

Loved the opposite energies of the two Immigration Officers I felt that the story can go either way with the two hands that they were dealt with.

Enjoyed the actress who played Joy and the docile attributes she brought to the table.

What I didn't like

Nothing that can’t be done with bigger space. Other than that I think they worked with what they had and delivered!

Although I loved the opposite truths I felt like a bit more balance with the Immigration officers was needed to show more dimension two each character and would give the full cast more to play with.

My overall impression

Overall I enjoyed myself thoroughly. The cast did a fantastic job executing a story of an Immigrant trying to stay in America and those around him who have come love him and doing anything to make sure he stays and lives the life he desires.

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