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theatre · embrace your cape productions · Ages 17+ · one person show · United States

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TEN WEST certified reviewer June 20, 2011
I saw this show at last year's HFF, twice! I laughed out loud and I cried out loud. Kimleigh is a phenomenal performer and courageously lays her heart and soul out on stage. The result is an inspiring affirmation of the human spirit and the ability to recreate ourselves and embrace life no matter what obstacles we meet. Her energy and presence are electric and the show outstanding. GO!!!... full review
JEFF GARDNER June 20, 2011
The best show at Fringe! Done.... full review
BOB LEGGETT June 24, 2011
Like Ten West, I saw this show at last year's HFF, at least three times, as well as during the Best of the Fringe series. It is breathtaking, reflective, sad, happy, encouraging, empowering and just plain fun. Kimleigh is dynamic, entertaining and a capable singer, dancer, actress and writer. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up - don't miss out!... full review

A Life Changing Experience.

A gripping & inspirational experience that will motivate you to live at a much higher level. In his unconscious moment of death, Mike reaches out to his sons with loving wisdom to empower them for significant fulfillment & success.


ORANGUTAN is a haunting and absurd one-woman show about the mother of a brutish (slightly orange) would-be dictator, and the tribalism that’s tearing our country apart.