REVENGE OF THE ROOTBEER: The Sequel To Night Of The Rootbeer

comedy · zero effort productions · Ages 21+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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June 20, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

All but one person on stage.

What I didn't like

The show is called REVENGE OF THE ROOTBEER and I don’t think I spotted a single ‘rootbeer’ reference. So – false advertising, much?

My overall impression

Once, when I was very young – my dog Flip was hit by a car. Unfortunately, Flip didn’t die right away. My father found him suffering in the road. And, being a stereotypical patriarchal father figure, he took this opportunity to teach his young son a very valuable lesson. So he walked me to the shed. There, before God – he took his shotgun. We walked back to the road where Flip was dying. He raised his gun and took aim at Flip, who had been in our family for fourteen glorious years. He cocked the weapon. But – before he fired – he looked at me and said: “Son…prepare yourself. One day you’re going to see a show called REVENGE OF THE ROOTBEER. And – when you do – do EXACTLY what I am about to do right now. Just…put it out of its misery. Don’t hesitate. Fire, goddamnit – FIRE!” He put one hand on my shoulder. And, with the other hand, Flip’s pain was ended.

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