Horny-the Musical

musicals and operas · westside original works · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere

Social-climbing as quickly as possible away from her embarrassingly bohemian mother into the arms of the most eligible bachelor and heir to the Smitt Family Wineries, Emily is the luckiest girl in the world-until she starts to grow horns right before the wedding.
Her new social circles could never accept such a thing, so she must resolve the problem before her new fiance-not to mention her new mother-in-law-could ever find out. Is it a genetic problem?
Knowing her mother’s sexually free nature, she braces herself for the answer-who is my father?
This simple question unleashes an avalanche of satyrs and nymphs from a different world…party-crashing her high-society wedding rehearsal and upending her carefully-constructed plans with wild debauchery and mayhem.
If that weren’t enough, as prudish Emily’s horns continue to grow, so do new…feelings.

Production Team

justin baltz *


raveena kapse *


stephen juhl *

technical director/satyr

bonnie root *

creative design

katrina sebastian *


daniel yokomizo *

musical director/pianist

dana devitt *


lilian lev *


bolor saruul *

nymph/show girl/bina

diane linder *


* Fringe Veteran