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Earth To Karen

musicals and operas · the bicycats · Ages 10+ · world premiere · 1hr · United States of America

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ZACHARY Bernstein has written a laugh-filled plot, some lively C&W infused tunes and some very clever lyrics making Earth to Karen a fun-filled outing. Guy Picot has deftly directed his talented quartet of performers while Bernstein musical directs and plays drums in the three-piece onstage band. The actors all create full-bodied characters and have strong singing voices. The scene stealer, usually in her Subway plastic gloves, is Van Kurin. Her every appearance generates laughs and Sarah M. Kruger’s choreography even gives her a chance to don her tap shoes to good effect. EARTH TO KAREN ATTAINS LIFTOFF.” – Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

Fri. 6/7 @ 9:30pm (preview)
Sat. 6/15 @ 1pm
Sun. 6/16 @ 5:30pm
Thurs. 6/20 @ 7:30pm
Sat. 6/22 @ 5pm
Sat. 6/29 @ 8:30pm
Sun. 6/30 @ 3pm

Houston, she has a problem.

Karen Spitz was a celebrated astronaut until she made headlines for attempting to kidnap another astronaut after a manic cross-country drive from Texas to Florida. But what most people remember about the story was that Karen wore a diaper while she was doing it. One year later, she’s living in the shadow of a national scandal; unemployed, single, and coasting on the last of her sister’s goodwill. Will a new job at Subway be one small step on her path to redemption, or one giant leap back to infamy?

From the creative team behind last year’s Fringe hit DISASTEROID! (winner of the Best of the Broadwater award; nominated for three HHF18 Awards, including “Best Musical” and “Outstanding Songwriting”), EARTH TO KAREN is a musical comedy inspired by a true story.

production team

zachary bernstein *
sarah kruger *

* Fringe Veteran


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