dance & physical theatre · mil grus · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by ARI DESANO

June 16, 2019
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tagged as: hilarious · absurd · satirical · disturbing

What I liked

I liked their interaction with the audience. I am usually not a fan of audience participation, but this was excellent. I liked how funny it was, but that there was also some insightful commentary on humanity. They way they would pit the audience against a character and then come back and retract it and make people feel awful for wanting something terrible for them was so close to how people actually act. It showed our absurdity.

What I didn't like

I liked it especially when they spoke in syllables and together formed words.

My overall impression

I absolutely loved it! I found it hilarious and sickeningly entertaining and wonderfully disturbing. I most highly recommend this show! It was a joy the whole way through. At first they seem like weirdo monsters, but it turns out they are a mirror of us.

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