dance & physical theatre · mil grus · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere
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SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer June 17, 2019
Weird, spontaneous but not, so awkwardfly funny, and just a good time overall.... full review
MICHAEL RAHHAL certified reviewer June 22, 2019
What a great show! It’s everything you could hope for when attending something called a “fringe” festival. Weird and wonderful, at times it approaches a level of ridiculousness that forces the viewer to ask themselves “what am I looking at? What the hell is this about? Why can’t I stop laughing? Is this for real? Why can’t I look away?” The idiot characters in the show provoke, ridicule and delight us all at once, their grotesque figures clad in deep primary colors, their black smiles beg for our love, their eyes hope for our death. They need us, but hate us. And we cannot help but give them whatever they want. Through a series of increasingly bizarre and seemingly meaningless but insanely entertaining vignettes, the cast of Mil Grus take... full review
SCOTT LANGER certified reviewer June 23, 2019
tagged as: Absurdist · anarchist · insane
Let me preface this by saying this is positive - Pure, unadulterated chaos and madness. At times absurd or bizarre, other times charming, but I would categorize this as anarchist theatre - a show that makes the rules, hates the rules it created, makes new ones, then makes fun of them and then the audience. ... full review