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Snow Fridge

immersive theatre · dr3amlogikk · Ages 21+ · world premiere · United States of America

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JAMES HENDRY certified reviewer June 08, 2018
Snow Fridge was a totally unexpected, absolutely wonderful experience. Very much the kind of production that belongs in a Fringe festival—“experimental,” yet very accessible. Great fun, with a serious method to the joyous madness. ... full review
RUSSELL EATON certified reviewer June 21, 2018
Creating a dream-like immersive experience for one person at a time, this show spirits you into another world for a brief, enjoyable, playful experience exploring what makes you... well... you. Very fun!... full review
NICK RHEINWALD-JONES certified reviewer June 21, 2018
Magical and delicious... a sparkling symphony of improvisation grounded in an odd-yet-specific world. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 17, 2018
Excellent. Off the top of my head, the best immersive show I've seen in such a small space. Certainly the best representation I've seen of that childlike wonder that we're all trying desperately to recapture as adults. A true testament to the power of imagination - from both the performers and what they were able to invoke in the participant. And this comes from someone for whom suspension of disbelief has always been a stumbling block in these kinds of experiences.... full review
STEPY KAMEI certified reviewer June 14, 2018
Oh man, this show is exactly why I love immersive theater so much! It’s not something I could spoil in a review because...each fridge you fall into is your own. It’s personal, it’s honest, it’s’s Snow Fridge! ... full review
JEFF HEIMBUCH June 02, 2018
Go see this. Now. It's a ton of fun... full review
ERIN DEAN certified reviewer June 08, 2018
tagged as: Playful · dreamlike · delightful
MAGIC! I don't know how they achieved this. I left with such a strong sense of deja vu, I suspected they'd stalked me on social media, but then I realized it was my dreams (and not social media posts) this was so reminiscent of. ... full review
ELAINE BLANK certified reviewer June 08, 2018
tagged as: immersive · intimate · customized
Utterly charming, sweet, and lovely.... full review
CRISTEN BRINKERHOFF certified reviewer June 11, 2018
It was beautiful, and necessary.... full review
DEIRDRE BUTCHKO certified reviewer June 26, 2018
Amazing! Magic!... full review

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