The Women of Lockerbie by Deborah Brevoort

ensemble theatre · little earthquakes emsemble · Ages 14+ · United States of America

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DENISE BARRETT certified reviewer June 04, 2018
Wow! The execution of this play was beautiful. The actors all put on a very thoughtful and true portrayal of the characters and thr things they all went through. There wont be a dry eye at the end of any performance!... full review
JACOB SMITH certified reviewer June 04, 2018
Really great, patient storytelling! Hyper talented cast and crew delivering on a really incredible story that I knew nothing about!... full review
ROBYN MIGEL certified reviewer June 04, 2018
My favorite show at Fringe so far. I was moved to tears. I didn't know about this story before, and it was told beautifully. Highly recommend this play.... full review
DAVID CHRZANOWSKI certified reviewer June 04, 2018
This play and the execution was poignant and moving. You should go see it! ... full review
JIM MARTYKA certified reviewer June 05, 2018
A solid piece of theatre that resonates with its audience, bringing a sense of catharsis to anyone who has dealt with loss and grief (and who hasn't?). Director Jim Blanchette takes a script that could easily be heavy-handed and presents it with a perfect balance of subtlety and power in all the right moments. He's helped by a cast of insanely talented stage and screen professionals, who breathe soulful life into these characters and share not just their pain, but also their journey through it. It's beautiful to watch. ... full review
KAT MICHELS certified reviewer June 06, 2018
#SeeItLA The Women of Lockerbie is a moving modern-day story of grief and healing, as told through Ancient Greek traditions. This form of story-telling works amazingly well not only for this story, but for a Fringe festival. With a simplistic set and no scene changes needed, the actors were able to control the pace to strategically tell their story. The three main women from Lockerbie serve as the Greek chorus filling in needed background information and adding their own experiences to flesh out the story. For the full review visit See It or Skip It LA - full review
ROB ANGELL certified reviewer June 09, 2018
This is a stunning and heartwrenching tale of loss, grief, and healing that combines the modern and ancient to deliver a powerful production. If you're anything like me (read: human) expect a good 75-minute cry.... full review
DARREN MANGLER certified reviewer June 11, 2018
tagged as: drama · Talent · famous · off-broadway · true events.
A cast of pure talent is rare at the HFF! This cast has it!... full review
TRACEY PALEO, GIA ON THE MOVE (OFFICIAL PRESS) certified reviewer June 14, 2018
tagged as: Greek tragedy · poetry
Highly Recommended. Astute and touching.... full review
LACEY RAE PAWLOWICZ certified reviewer June 15, 2018
Full of moving performances, this piece is a beautiful and melancholy commentary on the different stages of grief and finding the strength to move forward in love.... full review