solo performance · the flying kiwi · Ages 18+ · New Zealand

one person show world premiere

There’s one word to describe the 80’s in New Zealand; ‘Excess’. The cars were fast, the girls were fast, and money was faster. It was a time where money ruled the world, and everything was big; houses, boats, and egos. Henry Lewis sees property as the way to the top, and the answer to becoming a ‘somebody’. On his journey he makes decisions, sacrifices, and a lot of money. At what price does Henry find success, and can a person ever be satisfied? As the end of the decade nears, an unexpected event will burst Henry’s bubble. After all, money is the bitch you take home that never sleeps. Keep a close eye on her, for she may not be there in the morning…

High Rise is a New Zealand (true) story with global themes and messages, and extremely physical and incorporates elements of mask, mime, Commedia dell’arte, Buffon and physical forms of theatre. It should leave myself, and the audience, feeling short of breath by the end of its short, but sweet 25 minute running time.

The story is about greed, the snowball effects of success, and ambition. In our current global climate, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate story to tell. I don’t think it has an agenda, but history keeps repeating itself, and we keep making the same mistakes. Will we ever learn?? So I’ve put my questions into theatre.

Production Team

cameron jones *


* Fringe Veteran