Deity Clutch

theatre · the porters of hellsgate · Ages 12+ · United States

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TONY FRANKEL stage and cinema/bitter lemons certified reviewer July 19, 2011
Tony Frankel, theatre critic for Stage and Cinema here. Here is a link to my updated review of Deity Clutch. full review
RYAN KARLOFF hollywood fringe correspondence certified reviewer June 16, 2011
My God! It is as if Shakespeare was reborn and chose the name Gus Krieger. This intense show, in my mind, can only be described as Midsummer Night's Dream meets 28 Days later! A masterpiece.... full review
TONY FRANKEL stage and cinema/bitter lemons certified reviewer June 20, 2011
Tony Frankel, theatre critic with Stage and Cinema here. This is one instance where mention of performances and plot will serve no useful purpose to substantiate my opinion. While playwright Gus Kreiger may be having a lexocological field-day with his new play Clutch Deity, his thesaurus-consulting word play becomes the undoing of his post-apocolyptic tale - for although we are smitten with how much fun he is having with the English language, the verbosity trumps story and character development. Interestingly enough, I entered the theatre ONE MINUTE after the show began and spent the entire first act wondering how the author disseminated all of his exposition in that first minute. The style, at first, is decidedly theatre of the absurd... full review