Orange Mango Cabaret

cabaret & variety · rough riders · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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CURTIS KRICK certified reviewer June 04, 2017
Orange Mango Cabaret is a vital, vibrant artistic response to the disastrous results of last November's election. It's the sort of thing artists should be doing with their talents - seeking to understand their world and expressing that understanding through their craft. In this case we're treated to a number of short, original pieces that shed light on the people who supported their favored conman candidate, the thought processes they engaged in, the pressures they faced, and the predictably awful results of their decisions. The cast give solid, heart-felt performances. Sierra Taylor is particularly good as our sassy, sarcastic tour guide through this Brechtian hellscape of the American electorate. See this show.... full review
BYRON JARA certified reviewer June 12, 2017
My overall impression is that I really enjoyed this show. Before hand I was worried that the show was going to try to force their political opinion on you but I'm glad to say I was proven wrong. This show just provided facts through great storytelling and made you see issues in a different light. Also I would say that the cast overall were great but I especially want to point out the GREAT writing that took place. Kudos to the writers!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 05, 2017
Although short it packs a good punch and creates an overall message: don't be decieved by the media, if you take information... take it with a critical eye. This show was well put together and is worth viewing. This show is not for people who are easily offended and who are close minded.... full review
RYAN LISMAN certified reviewer June 13, 2017
tagged as: political · smart · funny · Engaging · important
This show came at an excellent time, and is important, political theatre of this nature is an excellent way to use art to produce a change in our society. I think that this play would be wonderful for anyone who is extremely frustrated with our government/society (I imagine that's most everyone) and needs a way to get out the frustration. I really enjoyed this show and would highly recommend it. ... full review
JEFFREY PAUL MORGAN certified reviewer June 14, 2017
From the top to the curtain call. It was simply fun, informative and at times. TRUTHFUL to a fault! Once again, it didn't feel pushed or rushed. GREAT CASTING!!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 17, 2017
Provocative, thoughtful and whimsical with moments of profundity. This show is of and about our time and totally worth seeing! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 15, 2017
The Orange Mango Cabaret is for those currently upset with the political climate of the times. Through well-written vignettes, songs, and monologues this political Brechtian-style show packs a punch. Leaving no room for political politeness you're confronted with harsh realities that maybe you didn't realize you had. An eye-opening experience on our world and ourselves. Whether or not you politically engaged or disengaged, it's a must see. ... full review
RICHARD ROTH certified reviewer June 14, 2017
tagged as: Intelligent · thoughtful
The show made me reflect, consider, laugh a little, empathize more and leave feeling my time and money well spent. The play had value beyond economics: in entertainment, political philosophy, tragedy , comedy and angst. My test is did a play(or any entertainment) stay in my head rumbling around as I process it and ponder. Orange Mango did so. Congratulations Mr. Snyder Eaton, players, authors and crew.... full review
MARY WAGNER certified reviewer June 15, 2017
Orange Mango Cabaret is a combination of separate scenes that expertly weave together for a very cohesive feel. The writing & performances deftly reveal the pockets of ugliness that permeate throughout our 'civilized' society. These well crafted story lines showcase specific elements and attitudes, which have contributed to our divisive political climate today. ... full review
SHARI BARRETT broadway world certified reviewer June 16, 2017
A thoroughly entertaining show geared for those of us to the left of the political scene, as well as those committed to exposing the fake news rampant today. With a talented cast, many of whom play multiple roles in several short skits addressing how we got into our current political situation with our Mango in Charge, the troupe is led by the fabulous Orange Mango Cabaret host, Friv O'Less (Sierra Taylor) who pulls an orange curtain across the stage to allow for scene changes. Her banter will pull you in and her charisma will entice you to listen and desire her. ... full review