A So. Cal native, made my first TV appearance at the age to 6. Did a lot of Sitcoms in the 80s & 90s including Facts Of Life; Too Close For Comfort; Anything For Love; etc. Those who are in their late 30s/early 40s might have seen me on a kids show I appeared on PBS in the mid 80s called “M.A.D. Scientists.” Where I got to perform with Muppet type puppets. Regional & Tours: JC Superstar (Herod); Waiting For Godot (Pozzo); Godspell; Star Song (Arod); TROLLS (Boomie, original Cast / recording); Ballroom on Broadway (Hollywood Palladium). Spent a 14 year run as Executive Assistant at The Walt Disney Company. BOY, am I glad to be back on the boards! Member of AEA, SAG-AFTRA and a Proud Supporter of The Actors Fund!