solo performance · m3/aio productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show
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CHRISTINE JORDAN certified reviewer June 13, 2017
I was stunned and overjoyed to see a real theatre artist employing his considerable skills to raise the level of local theatre up to match the best I have been privileged to see from around the world. Bravo Christian!!... full review
DIANA VARCO certified reviewer June 22, 2017
Oh wow, go see this show! Christian weaves a story so many of us can relate to into amazing spoken word that very few of us can do! I was so impressed by this show, it really is not to be missed. ... full review
JUDY BARRAT certified reviewer June 04, 2017
This was a well thought out, at once interesting, heart-rending, hilarious and completely honest, uniquely conceived and presented autobiographical piece of theater. . ... full review
TERRA TAYLOR KNUDSON certified reviewer June 05, 2017
A truly original and inventive way to dramatize the bittersweet truth of love, in all its forms.... full review
SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer June 13, 2017
Smart, clever, and unique, the characters that Christian portrays are so strong through voice and physicality, that it's worth the price of admission for that alone.... full review
DEBORAH ZAVITKA certified reviewer June 07, 2017
Skillfully written and effectively performed, House of Me by Christian Geo is a valuable and insightful work on life at its core.... full review
BROOKE BAUMER certified reviewer June 13, 2017
Beautiful and captivating. Christian's specificity in his characters, especially his mother, is just mind-blowing. That particular through-line of the piece -- his tribute to his mom -- just touched me beyond words. ... full review
CHERISE PASCUAL certified reviewer June 14, 2017
tagged as: introspective · poetic · shadows · light
This show does not disappoint, it's deeply philosophical, psychological, insightful. Christian is a powerhouse of talent and I wish I could see a two hour version of this show. Funny, delightful, dark and deliberate, this man has something to say and is completely unapologetic about it! Go see House of Me!!!... full review
NANCY MURPHY certified reviewer June 25, 2017
I was blown away by this show! Christian is talented in so many ways--he commands the stage with the intensity of his acting and the brilliance of his words. You can't even describe this show, it is truly unique, and you could hear a pin drop for the entire duration of the show. People were mesmerized. ... full review
BOBBY PATAKI certified reviewer July 18, 2017
It was very honest and raw and incredibly creative on all levels.... full review