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God's Waiting Room

ensemble theatre · xeniadog productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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STAN BARTOSIAK certified reviewer June 04, 2016
The play held my attention, brought tears to my eyes, and brought back many memories - both heart warming and gut wrenching.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 06, 2016
God's Waiting Room told a beautiful and touching story about the meaning of love. The story made a good discussion about the relationship between the LGBTQIA community and religion without slamming either party. Overall, well written and well acted. I definitely recommend seeing this play, and hope to see it again soon. ... full review
ANONYMOUS June 06, 2016
tagged as: Brillant
Extraordinary, totally unexpected for a Fringe Production. I felt I was sitting at an off Broadway play. My God, Randy Vasquez is an excellent actor.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 06, 2016
This will not be the last of "God's Waiting Room". This show will go on to greater things. Brilliant cast, brilliant writing.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 06, 2016
Compelling and well-thought material that should provoke conversation from folks on either side of the LGBTQ discussion. Will be going back, and bringing friends to another performance!... full review
ANONYMOUS June 06, 2016
This is theatre at its best. Wonderful afternoon of entertainment. I particularly liked Lois and The Reverend.... full review
ALEX KITAY June 07, 2016
tagged as: emotional · angry
God's Waiting Room is exactly why there are fringe festivals. It's a great way to try out new work and see where it goes. I left thinking there is a lot of potential for this story.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 08, 2016
I applaud the effort but the play written and directed by Mr. Rossi has a lot of problems. It is obviously an initial stage effort and I would encourage him to continue developing both his playwriting and his stage craft.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 10, 2016
Denise Carole was remarkable in this show, you could not take your eyes off of her, even while wanting desperately to hate her character. Just a force of nature roaming the stage, and giving emotion and even empathy to a character who ought to be unforgivable. Randy Vasquez provided her an impressive foil, and Geoffrey Gilbert was undersung as the conscience of the play. Filip and Deandra round out an impressive cast, but Carole just blew me away. Robert Rossi's beautiful and troubling script sung beautifully from this well-chosen cast. GO SEE THIS SHOW!... full review
ANONYMOUS June 12, 2016
This production is a MUST SEE! We can ALL relate on some level to the characters portrayed in this performance. I am left with a haunting desire to look at... and possibly repair some of the tragic dysfunction that exists in my own family.... full review



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