Theatre and Chill?

comedy · bag o' bones · Ages 16+ · United States of America

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ERIC KRUEGER certified reviewer June 12, 2016
See this show. It's a wonderful collection of short plays that examine various relationships in a wonderful blend of comedy and sincerity. Easily one of the better shows I've seen at Fringe 2016. ... full review
NEYSSAN FALAHI certified reviewer June 06, 2016
I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it to friends and people who want to enjoy some theatre without falling asleep, or being bored. Good writing, good directing, good acting what else can we ask? right!... full review
GABRIELA ORTEGA certified reviewer June 07, 2016
tagged as: awesome · chill
Go see great storytelling! Its soo chill. Probably the most hip show at fringe. Will make you want to befriend everyone in the production.... full review
MATTHEW ROBINSON certified reviewer June 10, 2016
A brisk and cute show that has plenty of laughs and plenty of nice touches. Playing against tropes and having fun with the audience this is one show that people should seek out!... full review
THERESA STROLL certified reviewer June 09, 2016
Theatre and Chill was captivating. I thoroughly enjoyed every actor's performance and the direction! Without giving anything away, I especially enjoyed the final scene's direction, it was creative and added a lot of depth to the protagonists. See it!!... full review
SARAH MITCHELL certified reviewer June 08, 2016
What could be better than chilling, drinking beer and watching cool people do great theatre? THEATRE AND CHILL has the right idea: loneliness is best served with beer. This show explores different kinds of loneliness and knowing when its time to leave. Go see this show for the honest performances and for a wonderful night of theatre! ... full review
JENNIS COATS certified reviewer June 10, 2016
His show was brilliant. An unexpected and unfiltered adventure of the reality of love and life. Really shines a brightness on melancholy themes. This show was split into 3 different l acts, if you will. All different but cohesively flowing together. The acting was great and the humor was delivered on point and not once missed. The set was perfectly minimalist so no distractions got in the way of the depth of the material. I highly recommend seeing this. ... full review
EMILY TSCHIRHART certified reviewer June 12, 2016
What a fun night at Theatre and Chill. Each vignette is the perfect little taste of the lives of characters that we all want to get to know more. Compelling performances from great entertainers. Beyond great talent, every detail of your experience is covered, from the quirky programme to the artwork and trinkets in the entry. Highly recommend taking an hour out of your life to enjoy this one!... full review
LEAH ARTENIAN certified reviewer June 17, 2016
Theatre and Chill is sexy, clever, and laugh-out-loud funny. Each of its three stand-alone scenes are excellent and unique, exploring scenarios and interactions that are, at the core, infused with pure and familiar humanity. The scenes are filled with twists and turns that infuse them with dark humor and a refreshing sense of bold and unabashed honesty. Each scene sets you up for a cliche, a scenario you've seen played out 100 different times in 100 different places. You wait expectantly for some variation of the scenario you know will happen. It's then, in that first 5 seconds of comfort, that twists of unfamiliarity emerge, making each scene suddenly strange and alive. The discomfort in this lack of familiarity brilliantly forces the forme... full review
PAULINA GAMIZ certified reviewer June 18, 2016
I would really recommend everyone to see this show! Is really fun , really sweet, and it leaves you with a smile in your heart. Plus they had some sick art outside too!... full review