Night Witches

ensemble theatre · the thrillpeddlers · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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MARY SIDELL certified reviewer June 06, 2016
A poignant history lesson for all of us, so beautifully retold by an excellent cast.... full review
SHAWN MACAULAY certified reviewer June 06, 2016
This isn't a Fringe show based on a gimmick, a dick joke, or innuendo. This is a show with a good story and an impressively-skilled cast. And the "ingenue" kills Nazis. How can you go wrong? ... full review
PAULINE ADAMEK certified reviewer June 17, 2016
A bold and exciting story that is well-researched. Based on the real-life Russian heroines of the Second World War. You can read the rest of my review here - full review
DI KOOB certified reviewer June 06, 2016
I was entertained and moved, and we kept talking about it for the rest of the evening. The quick pacing really served the story and kept us in the audience engaged. It's an epic in a tiny theater and well worth seeing.... full review
MICHAEL MCLEAN certified reviewer June 06, 2016
Fun, impressive, and educational, Night Witches delivers a fast moving piece infused with women that simply do things better, and a reminder that people who have been overlooked may have contributed the most all along.... full review
STEPHEN ELLIOTT certified reviewer June 07, 2016
Just great ... full review
TIM BLAND certified reviewer June 09, 2016
tagged as: action · heroes · heroines · War · Nazis · resistance · airplanes · metal
"Night Witches" energetically weaves together seemingly disparate threads - feminism, combat, heavy metal, puppetry - to spotlight people and deeds that might but shouldn't be forgotten, and truths about bravery and action that ought to be obvious if we would only see and face them. This story will become only more rich and successful as it grows beyond its Fringe debut.... full review
BRENDAN WEINHOLD certified reviewer June 18, 2016
tagged as: success · History · Good
A must see of HFF16. Night Witches hits on all levels. Easy to watch, because the practiced professionals are clear, crisp, and confident. An enveloping world with a compelling story, and plenty of humor to drive the poignancy home.... full review
CRYSTAL DIAZ certified reviewer June 18, 2016
Go see it!... full review
DAVID BICKFORD certified reviewer June 19, 2016
Terrific, fun piece of theatre. I laughed a lot, and shed a tear or two near the end. Well done. ... full review