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theatre · dulce maria solis · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States

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DULCE SOLIS May 01, 2011
BRIAN PORTER June 19, 2011
"chela" is a very inspiring story that's full heart and is very intriguing. the acting was great. it's amazing how one woman can portray so many characters with a total command of the stage. Dulce Maria Solis's acting performance was amazing!... full review
ARLENE SANTOS June 14, 2011
Chela is the story of rape, domestic violence, emotional abuse but with a lot of Laughs. Yes...A lot of laughs. Dulce Maria Solis shares her mothers journey through life and lets you in on very personal and painful revelations about Chela. You will not only enjoy the comedy but you will feel Chela's pain. Do not miss Chela! ... full review
RHIANNA BASORE June 21, 2011
Startling humanity, sparkling humor, seriously worth it. ... full review
ALICE AVILA June 14, 2011
Thinking back on the production, it's hard to believe there was only ONE actor. Loved it...!!!... full review
If you came to the Fringe to see a powerful performance, DON'T MISS CHELA!!! Dulce Maria Solis packs a powerful performance and uplifting journey into Chela. Just as Shakespeare lightens Hamlet's load with the grave digger, so does Dulce deliver some hilarious characters throughout to keep the audience afloat. A true heroine's journey, you find yourself cheering for her mother's first and victorious orgasm! BRAVO!!!... full review
OMAR MORGAN June 13, 2011
CHELA the play, it's just an extraordinary one woman show played and written by the actress Dulce Maria Solis and is the true story of her own mother. Although is has the same or similar plots, situation and dramatic events that include violence, verbal, mental, and physical abuse of many women in other plays, books and movies due to a lack of education, power, and love it also strongly deals with taboos like sex and sexuality in just 90 minutes, she makes you engage in her story, makes you be interested and wanting more and surprise you unexpectedly. Cant wait for the film. It would only make sense to make chela!!! Dulce will make you laugh, think, cry, look back at your past and think how bless you are and how lucky and happy you were t... full review
AMBER SONKA June 14, 2011
Chela is truly an amazing story. Bringing comedy and tragedy together in one piece will have you crying both with laughter and sadness. Dulce Maria Solis brings passion to the stage, and executes all those characters with a finesse of a true professional, and artist. ... full review
RIA W June 20, 2011
Dulce Maria Solis comes alive in CHELA, an amazing real-life true survivor story of her mother. Riveting, powerful, intense, emotional, heartbreaking, humorous, this theatrical play will take you on a journey in which a full spectrum of emotions are explored and displayed live on stage! A one-woman show, this gifted actress will allow you to experience joy and sadness through CHELA's various life issues and adventures including domestic violence/abuse, love, relationship dramas that will touch you.Experience Dulce Maria Solis' RAW TALENT at its best!... full review
ELLIE FOX June 18, 2011
I don't know how to express the amazingness of this show, of Dulce Maria's performance and of the courage of Dulce and Chela to share their story so openly and truthfully, but I will try my best. This is the one show of the Fringe that I did not want to miss and I was blown away by it. Dulce Maria holds you captive from the moment she comes on stage and the emotion, intensity and truth with which she tells this story (her and her mother's true story) is breath-taking. A one woman show to rival all others. Absolute credit to Dulce Maria Solis for her outstanding performance & incredible writing & Todd Blakesley for his wonderful direction. Please do not miss this show.... full review


Can we ever stop paying for the past? Can the person we want to be ever escape the person we are now and were then? What price must be paid for not only our own crimes, but those of people close to us?


Jack and Erica find love after a one-night stand. She wants to be a famous actress and he's a mysterious Irishman who has the money to make her dreams come true – until taboo desires threaten to tear them apart.