Cursed "My Road to Hollywood"

solo performance · comedia · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show
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ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer June 18, 2015
I write this without the least rancor towards Ms. Mendoza. I don’t know the woman. I do understand she is something of a figure in the entertainment industry. So what? Her position or influence is of no concern to me and meaningless to this appraisal of her one woman show, “Cursed – My Road to Hollywood.” I sat through it. It was terrible. That is a very sad thing for me to have to say, but that is my honest opinion. What is even sadder is there was really no reason for it to have been a terrible show. One must imagine, after a long career as a film and television director, that Ms Mendoza has accumulated a ponderous store of anecdotes, remembrances, insights and observations; however, none of these seem to have found their w... full review