Zip Ties

entier theatre co. & cyanide theatre · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere

Winner - 2015 Encore Producer’s Award
Finalist - Inkwell Playwright’s Promise Award
Finalist - Robot Teammate Woulda Coulda Shoulda Award

EXTENDED - July 17th & 18th!

“Zip Ties’ testosterone-fueled crime-comedy was a madcap, blood-drenched, paranoid Tarantino-esque wild ride.” – Huffington Post

“A richly insane, rapid-fire comedy… Audience pleaser from start to finish.” – Gia On The Move

“This show is a lot of fun… Snappy dialogue…A black comedy through and through.” – Bitter Lemons

“(Zip Ties) is written well, directed well, performed. The whole package… SEE IT!”
- See It Or Skip It LA

Do you have a twisted sense of humor?
We do too.

This story untangles in one continuous hour. There are no scene or location changes. Just rapid-pace dialogue and door slamming like a Tarantino farce on crack, with plenty of blood and laughter.

The plot?

Two hitmen have captured a man in a motel room who has just been released from a twenty-year jail sentence. The problem is… neither the man or his captors have any idea why they are all there. What crime did he commit? Why is the man so clueless through the interrogation? The only thing to do is wait till The Boss arrives.

WARNING: There will be loud gunshots fired during the performance. Also dangerous weapons. And a little smoke. There’s also profanity. And… well. Viewer discretion advised is all we’re sayin’

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Production Team

* Fringe Veteran