Dead Dog's Bone: A Birthday Play

2:20 productions · Ages 8+ · United States of America

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CHRIS LAWSON uncertified reviewer June 06, 2015
tagged as: Terrific Show
A truly wonderful production. The play was masterfully executed and the performers were just fantastic. This is a definite must see.... full review
NIA TANG uncertified reviewer June 06, 2015
...this play is a gift in itself -- a lovely present for anyone who appreciates the art of theatre and seeing a talented team of creatives do their thing - so good. be ready to laugh, reflect and have a great time. this play is a must see if you love doggies and human beings (sometimes).... full review
SUZANNA NERHEIM certified reviewer June 06, 2015
With a truly clever book, the actors brought to life a piece of theatre to be proud of. Along with strong performances from Juniper and the cast, and the aesthetically pleasing stage direction, props and lighting, Dead Dog's Bone: A Birthday Play, will not disappoint. ... full review
JILL PARKER uncertified reviewer June 06, 2015
I loved this play. Beautiful concepts portrayed in beautifully creative ways. As an audience member, I was invited into a touching and thought provoking world that reflected the various perceptions of the characters that lived within it. The play has a clever humor to it, and raises questions about love, life, family, time, purpose and loss. The play was well put together and professionally executed. Staging, lighting, and prop use were exceptionally creative. Well done. Go see Dead Dog's Bone!... full review
ANN STARBUCK certified reviewer June 07, 2015
Dead Dog's Bone is such a great play. The actors are wonderful, with Julia Finch's Virgin Mary adding both a great narrative drive and empathic commentary, and Luke Medina's Dog stealing the show. (It's hard not to really love the dog who is dying. And Luke's understated delivery makes us love him even more.) It's a family drama, with Hailey McAfee, Sean Draper, Gigi Greene, and Conor Murphy all sharing moments of doubt and love and hope - and trying to figure out how we love and lose all at the same time. Rosie Glen-Lambert's direction is spot on - and I particularly loved the skipping stones. I especially loved discovering Veronica Tjioe's play.... full review
RICK TSUJIMOTO uncertified reviewer June 29, 2015
tagged as: Amazing!
OMFG! I loved the play!! It was brilliant, stunningly inventive, and moving. I told my wife as we were leaving the play -- without really knowing in detail what I meant -- "I think this is the future of theater". Playwright Veronica Tijoe’s theatrical voice-vison and her expressive palette are sooo unique!! I was moved to tears (my highest compliment in a play) when Juniper’s boyfriend compared her to the city of Berlin. To understand, see the play. And Dog's last words were perfectly loving, as only a dog's (or perhaps a saint’s) could be. The actors, the staging and the directing were all great. The pace was brisk and "taxing", in exactly the way I want to be taxed in theatre. I can't wait to see Veronica Tijoe’s next pla... full review
LIJUN WAN certified reviewer June 06, 2015
Sweet and hilarious story between the Dog and the families. The transitions were well designed and very interesting. Large amount of amazing props were very well used. Great energy of the actors. Recommend! ... full review
SARAH MITCHELL uncertified reviewer June 07, 2015
Cleverly staged and a vey thoughtful piece! This show explores contemporary relationships and happiness in a beautiful way. I highly recommend Dead Dog's Bone for an enjoyable night of theatre. ... full review
BEN SILVA uncertified reviewer June 06, 2015
Nimbly directed and joyously acted, Dead Dog's Bone is a consistently entertaining exploration of mortality, love, and companionship that manages to be as light and funny as it is deeply felt. A wonderful evening. ... full review
FLOYD GLEN-LAMBERT certified reviewer June 07, 2015
Brilliantly directed, Dead Dog's Bone's gifted cast takes its audience on a wonderful journey through life's ever-changing twists and turns. Centered around the family dog, Dead Dog's Bone offers a window into one family's relationship over time, while masterfully guiding its audience into the dusty recesses of their own memories and past. Dead Dog's Bone touches on the ongoing internal struggle that we all face about change and the poignant reality that life isn't static. This thought provoking play is filled with heartwarming moments which beckon us all back to days long gone, while reminding us of the fluidity of life. -A must see! ... full review