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JACK STROUD certified reviewer June 21, 2015
A delightfully silly show...Something Ed Wood would be proud of!!!! I literaly dashed out after curtain call from my show at 3 Clubs,ran across the street and made it just in time to see the dazzling Kat Primeau descend the stairs...I already knew the music would be great having seen Annabella,but the strong harmonies and witty lyrics were a treat.And these guys can act too....As silly and cartoon like as the characters were the entire cast were 100% committed to their characters.There was an obviousfeeling of an Ensemble...The Actors worked off of eachother,and the Trust was obvious.A truly enjoyable experience in a great space.👍🙏🏻... full review
MIKE DOWLING uncertified reviewer June 22, 2015
This show is a very large amount of fun. A LARGE amount. A time traveling adventure... with aliens, evil overlords, sexy assassins, and its also a musical? Normally something like that would get bogged down with too much stuff, but in the case of Timeheart, everything works amazingly well. The entire cast goes all out to sell the concept and has so much fun doing it. The audience is transfixed as the cast sing and dance on stage all while traveling through time. Musical director Sam Johnides (who is also involved in the amazing Annabella) makes these songs so catchy, that I'm still singing "TIMEHEART LIGHT OF OUR LIFE..." a week later. I am looking forward to what this crew will bring us next. ... full review
ALYSSA ONOFREO certified reviewer June 26, 2015
tagged as: amazing · Love
I was excited to see Timeheart already but I had no idea I would be so blown away. Everyone in Robot Teammate was at the top of their game. All the performances were amazing, I loved the songs, and I was incredibly impressed by all the costumes and set changes. I loved it, my friend who had never seen RT before loved it, I hope it means even bigger and better things for the group.... full review
ED GREENBERG certified reviewer June 25, 2015
Timeheart is a smart, funny, joyous, and, at times, quite moving, sci-fi time travel musical comedy. The cast (who also came up with the concept and wrote the show) are clearly having a marvelous time singing and dancing their way through the cosmos, and their enjoyment is infectious. Go see it! Make the time, because this show has heart! ... full review
KYLA GARCIA uncertified reviewer June 26, 2015
tagged as: fun · Sci-Fi · musical · great music · comedy · Yes · go
This show was so much fun! The production design is otherworldly, the score is beautiful, the performances are funny, nuanced, and bold. I absolutely loved Kat! Her singing is lovely and would make for a great indie album. All of the performers sang beautifully. I especially loved Altise's performance. Super funny and daring. And the actor who played Bido was so captivatingly honest. I really felt for his imprisonment and loss of his home planet. I think this would make a kick ass sci-fi series. Super funny and a great night out at the theatre. If you're wondering what musicals to see this year, this one's at the top of my list! ... full review
EVAN KOEHNE certified reviewer June 28, 2015
tagged as: space opera · time travel · musical · comedy · adventure · wacky
TIMEHEART was equal parts Tom Baker-era Doctor Who, exceptional musical theater and Muppets-level hilarity, mixed with a good dose of philosophical discourse on the dangers of time travel. There were enough twists and turns to make M. Night Shyamalan want to leave Hollywood forever. The songs are magnificent, funny, and appropriately big, making you forget that you are inhabiting a small stage and taking you out into the cosmos for intergalactic adventure. The Robot Teamate troupe lives up to their full potential, with all the players getting there due and deftly delivering jokes as well as pathos. The musicians are tight and always on point. Everyone on stage knows what they're doing and they gel magnificently. But that's not all, becau... full review
MICHAEL GARROW certified reviewer June 15, 2015
This was a great show! I was able to bring my 11-year old son, and he had a blast as well. He was laughing, although I don't think he may have gotten some of it ;), but he definitely had fun. Great dialogue, and the songs were really smart. Glad we got to go, can't wait to see what this group does next!... full review
DANNY GENDRON certified reviewer June 15, 2015
A cult classic in the making! This show is never better than when you can see and feel the fun being had by its experienced cast/writing team. Laughs and emotional moments come in equal measure in this wacky homemade love letter to sci-fi. Robot teammate + the accidental party continue to prove that they are a mighty talent to be reckoned with!... full review
ROBIN HARRIS uncertified reviewer June 15, 2015
tagged as: thoughtful · magical · Sci-Fi · hilarious
I absolutely loved everything about this musical/play. The writing was reminiscent of / as good as that of The Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal and the acting was even better! Honestly, if they made this into a movie, I'd buy it in a heartbeat and make VHS copies for all of my friends. I loved how versatile they were with minimal set decorations - they really really nailed it. I felt like I was traveling through space and time with them!! I'm DEFINITELY going to see this again.... full review
HEATHER DOWLING certified reviewer June 18, 2015
tagged as: musical comedy · original · hilarious · fun
What a ROMP! Timeheart was so much more fun than I had anticipated - even after all of the good things I'd already heard from other patrons. The story was clever and engaging, the music was fantastic and the performances were stellar - pun intended. I ESPECIALLY loved the "Timeheart" number! The cast, musicians and crew should be SO PROUD of what they have created. Bravo!... full review