ensemble theatre · fermented apples · Ages 17+ · United States

world premiere
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June 29, 2014 certified reviewer

My overall impression

Fiona Lakeland’s writing is uniquely poignant and her performance as Holly is effortlessly natural. Whenever she is onstage, it just feels like she is so at ease and living in every moment. Her writing touches on truly relevant material in the land of modern relationships/friendships. I also loved how multi-faceted her female characters were. Melanie Alexander brings such truth and humor to the best friend in love with Stefan. These relationships make you question…are we ever really happy with the people we choose? Or is it human nature to wonder what would happen if we crossed the boundaries of friendship with our closest friends of the opposite sex? The entire cast brings you into this world of intimacy and the challenges that come along with allowing someone into your heart and your world. Fiona’s writing reminds me of Winnie Holzman circa My So Called Life. There is this subtle, deep truth to all of her words and the characters she has created and I could easily see her writing this nuanced, thought-provoking play into a feature film. Fiona is a bright light of a performer and writer and I cannot wait to see what she will create next!! A true force and a gifted artist to follow! Look out for her, world!

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