God of Abraham

ensemble theatre · the theatricians · Ages 14+ · United States

world premiere

From the God who brought you Judaism, Christianity, and Islam comes GOD OF ABRAHAM, a high-energy, irreverent multimedia experience examining the deity that brought us the world’s three biggest religions. Combining sketch comedy, puppetry, dance, and ‘70s self-help, critics are already calling it the “don’t miss” sacrilege of the year! The Vatican declares, “Offensive, disrespectful, and blasphemous, but in a way that’s hip and now!” A classified Mossad memo raves, “Less anti-Semitic than All My Sons!” And Al-Qaeda Quarterly says, “Loved the Muhammed impression! Pitch-perfect depiction and send-up of our beloved prophet!” Come see what the 4,000 years of religious strife is all about!

An all-new theater piece created by Charlie Faith, Brennan Kelleher, Ty Foster, Amelia Harris, Alex Knox, and Rudy Martinez.

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Production Team

* Fringe Veteran