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musicals and operas · the diviners · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States

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CAITLIN HART certified reviewer June 27, 2014
YOU WON'T BE RAPTURED BUT ITS NOT A NIGHT IN HELL ***This review first appeared on*** Pastor Malachi (Al Rahn) usurps the pulpit from his mentor, Jedediah, in RAPTURE, a silly Sunday morning “church” service that pokes fun at sin with poppy, enjoyable songs like “Sinners, Every One”. While stumbling through the devotion, Malachi’s ex-girlfriend and Jedediah’s daughter, Rebecca, pops up from the congregation (aka the audience) and reveals she’s broken Malachi’s heart by suddenly abandoning him for Guatemalan mission work. Later, we learn of Malachi’s “troubled past” and the horror of hypocrite pastor Jedediah. Will Rebecca and Malachi find forgiveness as the raging waters of their past threaten to sweep them away? Da... full review
COURTNEY BURGAN certified reviewer June 13, 2014
I expected great music, great acting, and a humorous criticism of the church. Expectations met. What I didn't expect, was a story-line about forgiveness, redemption and faith. It's much harder these days to produce a show that can both acknowledge the flaws of a religious institution while also reminding the audience about the purpose that religion was actually meant to serve. Further, setting the show within an actual service allowed for the most seamless audience participation I've ever encountered, and created a device in which telling a story through song could only be successful. My already high expectations were completely surpassed. Kudos!!! (PS, I've already got my tickets for two more shows - you don't want to miss this!)... full review
SCARLET BIBERSTEIN certified reviewer June 15, 2014
tagged as: funny · brilliant · poignant · endearing · surprising
With such a simple set up and cast you might not expect much from this show but plan on leaving surprised with just how much you end up leaving with... Dan and Ben have done a marvelous job of integrating a catchy and versatile score with brilliantly comedic and poignant moments that will truly enrapture your soul. Don't be afraid to jump right in to this interactive and highly energetic, thoughtful and pointed musical comedy. You will not be disappointed! The vocal and musical talents displayed by Al and Thia are excellent and should not be missed!... full review
PEG ROGERS June 15, 2014
tagged as: seasoned composer
I found this musical comedy ended way too quickly -- Not a hymn out of the bawdy "over the top" Book of Mormons, but a thoroughly delightful script with twists and turns in confessions and "come to Jesus moments" from the pulpit that will make you laugh loudly and go away grinning... and yes REJOICE, in the experience you were lucky enough to stumble upon. Ben Stanton's wonderful music ( still in my head ) compelled me to clap and sing along ( maybe next time) . It must have given Stanton freedom to be aware of Al Rahn's extensive vocal range range -- and performing with such skill that you could only sit back and enjoy. Obviously the work of a seasoned composer - the music has wide appeal and should be heard for years to come. ... full review
Fabulous! Al Rahn is a force on stage. All the artists involved are great. I love it when a show surprises me - thought I knew what the show was then bam! A great shift with a resonating resolution. I hope this show gets extended. Not as alternative as some shows in the fringe. I think it would do really well with mainstream audiences. An entertaining and memorable show.... full review
MICHELLE LEMA certified reviewer June 17, 2014
This show is fantastic! It's exactly what a Fringe show should be. Excellent performances, music, and writing. It's different than any other show you'll see this year at the Fringe. I laughed and I was moved. Go see it!!... full review
DIANNE FREY certified reviewer June 29, 2014
Amazing story, lyrics, and music composition. Spectacular performance by musicians and actors. Absolutely captivating... full review
CLAUDE FREY certified reviewer June 20, 2014
Brilliant dialogue & lyrics. Fun, serious, joyful, and at times sad musical score that makes you feel the thoughts and emotions of the characters. Beautiful voices and harmonies sung by the performers. The actors execute a performance that pulls you into the drama of a struggle that we all experience at some point in our lives. Then they carry us through the struggle to the essence of what is needed to overcome the pain and lead us to the hope that is required to find happiness.... full review
PRISCILLA BEARER certified reviewer June 21, 2014
tagged as: Al Rahn
Fucking great show. Music is great. Singing is great. Writing is great. GJ. A must see and a definite good time.... full review
Rapture is a clever and energetic production filled with beautifully written songs sung by the delightful Al Rahn. The audience is right in the thick of it as we are the congregation of a wildly dysfunctional church. I was extremely impressed by Al Rahn's performance. His potrayl of an easily influenced orphan taken in by a cunning Reverand was outstanding. Fringe is all about works in progress and flying by the seat of your pants, but Rapture proved to be one of the most solid, fat free shows I have seen thus far. Definitely one of my favorite Fringe shows of 2014! A must see! ... full review

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