musicals and operas · the diviners · Ages 13+ · United States

world premiere

It’s Sunday morning. You show up for church. But your beloved pastor isn’t here. Instead, the service is led by his protege Malachi, who begins swearing like a sailor and singing about masturbation and revealing some very uncomfortable truths about the church. Like where the collection money is really going. And a behind-the-scenes power struggle for control of the pulpit. And the passionate secret love that has blossomed between Malachi and the pastor’s daughter. Shit is about to get real, in this darkly comedic story full of surprising twists and original music that will have you singing and clapping in the pews.

Featuring the words of screenwriter Dan Frey, the music of composer Ben Stanton, and the sweet voices of badass local rock god Al Rahn (lead singer of Sixstep) and actress Thia Schuessler.

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Production Team

* Fringe Veteran