Dan Frey

I write a lot of different things… Screenplays, plays, commercials, great emails, excellent to-do lists, and now – a musical! RAPTURE has been an amazing collaborative experience, and I’m excited to meet other great creative people at the Festival. Feel free to reach out if you have a show and want to trade comps!

FREE Class: Make Your Fringe Show a Book

Ready to turn your Fringe story into a book you can sell in the back of the room after your shows? Learn the 7 development steps that take your story from stage to bookstore seamlessly. Bonus material on self-publishing and book distribution options.

$5 Tickets for Opening Night!

Our preview is sold out! But all tickets are $5 for our June 13th 6PM Opening Night if you purchase by June 1st! Don't miss the world premiere of this funny and moving play about fate, true love, and hope from award winning playwright Matt Morillo!