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KELLEE ALVAREZ certified reviewer June 13, 2014
I LOVED roommates. The actors were phenomenal. I felt like I was watching a group of friends in college. Wonderful. Thank you for providing that experience. ... full review
EVAN BERNARDIN certified reviewer June 28, 2014
tagged as: Progressive · provocative · profound
There are so many good things happening in David Stolworthy’s Roommates that I don’t know where to begin – I liked the premise, I loved that the play centered on seeking acceptance into a community rather than forming a sexual identity, and I liked that homoerotic tendencies permeated almost every relationship, illustrating that sometimes straight people can really be the gayest… The playwright does an outstanding job of creating characters that are distinctly different from one another, larger than life, and yet relatable; and the way they are juxtaposed creates numerous opportunities for zaniness to ensue! The jokes are fresh, funny, and fast, as both the playwright and actors easily capture the voice of modern teens. A major shou... full review
MARK GAY certified reviewer June 30, 2014
My guest and I thought Roommates was well done - both the acting of the entire cast as well as the work of the playwright. We also believed it truly reflected the thoughts of some at a college age - the prejudices and ambiguities of sexual identity. We hope it would continue to be performed after Fringe to refer friends.... full review
CESAR ABELLA certified reviewer June 30, 2014
I randomly saw "Roommates" when something else I wanted to see was sold out. I read the synopsis and thought to myself, "Hmm... that sounds like that could be fun." And it really was. I'm a huge sucker for college banter, so that stuff was really outstanding. It sounded completely natural and not at all stagey like some other shows do. The cast had fantastic chemistry and the story went from fun to being surprisingly heartwarming by the end. Awesome stuff!... full review