The Spolin Players

comedy · · Ages 8+ · family friendly · United States

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ANN RYERSON uncertified reviewer June 30, 2013
Sigh. Pure improv. Loved every moment of it.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 29, 2013
This was probably my 7th time to see this amazing group and truly have never been disappointed and travel a distance to see them. I'm a groupie ... full review
GREG ABBOTT uncertified reviewer June 10, 2013
This is the pure joy of improvisation, from people who know their craft. I've rarely had so much fun watching improv games. The surprises come in all different forms. They're like the Justice League of improv players, each with a special improv power. From uncanny sound effects, facial expressions, witty retorts, hilarious physicality. You'll have a great time.... full review
JOE SPANO certified reviewer June 11, 2013
Improv as god/allah/zeus/the absolute/my grandmother meant it to be. Laughed? I cried. But, seriously, it could be longer. GO!... full review
KIMBERLY FOX uncertified reviewer June 14, 2013
I learned a lot tonight: Viola Spolin is the Magna Mater of play improv (cool). And this troupe is the last one to train directly with her (also extremely cool). And you can keep a fish in an astronaut's helmet if you live on Space Lab (who knew?). Yes, the night was delightfully funny. But it also made me happy because of this special connection from this amazing group of folks back to the source. We're REALLY lucky to have these guys at Fringe.... full review
TERRY WILLS uncertified reviewer June 12, 2013
This is a fantastic show. If you like funny, don't miss this show. It's a stage overflowing with comedy experts. I wish it had gone on longer. I was absolutely ready for act two. SEE IT! ASAP! Special kudos to the women in the cast. ... full review
DOMINIC MCCHESNEY uncertified reviewer June 14, 2013
Quite frankly wonderful stuff! Fromt he moment the Spolin Players step out on stage you know you are in good hands and the enthusiasm and joy on the faces of those of the cast not in a particular game is just as much of a sign of the tightness of this ensemble. Not just a great funny night out but also a masterclass. Comedy IS serious business.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 14, 2013
The purest form of Improv. Enthusiasm and creativity combined with well honed skills make for a deadly combination~ and a very Funny One.... full review
PHILLIP SPOLIN certified reviewer June 25, 2013
This is a theater adventure for the audience. It lifts your spirits and illuminates why the stage experience has been, is, and always will be a mystery. As the lady herself might say, "This ain't about jokes, honey." Improvisation at its finest, no on stage script writing, but spontaneous creativity. Each show is a master class done by a seasoned group who trust each other to stay focussed and play the game. ... full review