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includes nudity
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CARLY D. WECKSTEIN certified reviewer June 18, 2013
Now I do not say this often, because I'm pretty damn picky about my theatre. But you must go see this show! It is... well, WHITE HOT. Great: directing, acting, design, material. The pieces came together beautifully in a unified vision. This show is one hell of a ride, and I was on board from the first line to the last image - dark, gritty, sexy, painful, weird - and FUNNY, darkly darkly funny - dealing with (my favorite themes) gender roles, relationships, love, sex and violence - and two fascinating female protagonists to boot! It is wonderfully cast, and beautifully acted by four courageous and committed actors. Congrats to Caitlin Hart, the amazing cast and crew, and The Vagrancy for bringing daring, exciting new work to life on t... full review
NAOMI BENNETT certified reviewer June 21, 2013
Intense and thrilling, though I'm not at all sure what it means. I felt like I was taken through a psychological and physical whirlwind. Amazing movement and fight choreography. Definitely worth seeing, but not for the faint of heart.... full review
STEPHANIE O'NEILL certified reviewer June 26, 2013
WHITE HOT! Acting, Directing, Lighting Design...this show was solid. A dark and twisted tale of sisters on opposite ends of the spectrum finding themselves sharing so much more then either would care to admit. Caitlin Hart had a clean, direct vision on the small stage of the packed house and was unafraid to take us there in every sense of the word. And the actors bared it all. A show definitely worth seeing!... full review
MICHAEL EDELSTEIN certified reviewer June 27, 2013
I saw the production of White Hot two weeks ago and I still get the chills every time I think about it. That's what the what most effective theatrical productions do--they stay with you. Director Caitlin Hart and her cast of four succeed in ripping this tale of emotional unfulfillment wide open to the point where I found myself shifting in my seat from the pain of witnessing Lil (Karina Wolfe) dealing with the torment from her sister,Sis (Michal Sinnott) and the condesending torture from her husband, Bri (Christopher Illing). Instead of facing her excruciating reality she retreats into a world of knitting woollen bunny hats which triggered an eerie comparison to Amanda from "The Glass Menagerie". ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 27, 2013
Everything about this show is absolutely spot on. The material is disturbing, but not in a gratuitous way. It left me shaken, but inspired in an odd way, and my husband and I can't stop talking about the show! How often does that happen? Highly recommended! ... full review
ALEX SCOTT certified reviewer June 29, 2013
Powerhouse up and coming theatre company, The Vagrancy present the stark, intiment, and intense 4 person drama White Hot at this year's Fringe. As a whole, White Hot might be a little bit hard to process, but after thinking about it, I admire director Caitlin Hart's bold stylistic choices - though I can see where it wouldn't be for everyone, it totally works. Her two lead actors, Karina Wolfe and Michal Sinnott shine as sisters who don't have the best relationship in the world, and the pace at which Sinnott delivers Tommy Smith's wild and crazy dialogue is fun to watch. I just wished they could have been a bit louder, as they were hard to hear, a lot of the times. I wasn't crazy about the other actors in the show, but maybe I wasn't ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 29, 2013
WHITE HOT was a blitzkrieg assault on my sense of hope in humanity -- my "stupid optimism". I loved it! This play exposes the dark corners that dwell in all of us. If we truly examine our own behavior and deepest desires, are we any different than these frustrating and fucked up characters? I think not. This show is a must see. The staging is slick, the acting is pungent, and the writing is a deft assessment of modern, First World life. ... full review
GREG MACHLIN certified reviewer July 01, 2013
What you have here is an extremely well-directed, well-acted, well-designed play, and everyone involved deserves substantial credit for that. The gutsy performances by Chris Illing and Michal Sinnott are worth the price of admission alone, and Arthur Keng is mesmerizing in his one scene. But this is a play we've seen before. It's a more insane version than most variations--and apparently completely sincere--but it's one of these four-character New York plays about horrible, screwed-up people being horrible to each other (for an example of how to do this thing well, see Bekah Brunstetter's Mine.) Introverted, neurotic Lil is married to emotionally abusive but financially stable Bri, who begins a bizarre, brutal affair with Sis looking for... full review
JOSEPH SCHOLLAERT certified reviewer June 09, 2013
I was affected by this play. It's a fast, intense ride that sticks a knife in our complacency by shoving the visceral remains of bad (but typical) choices in our faces. (Of course if that was all--I would have hated it. It stimulates and clarifies, too, more on that later.) I hate spoilers, so I won' t, but let's say there is at least one character who is a train wreck. We get/have to watch this husband, wife, and sister work out their crises, and in the action, we hear what makes all three of them tick; literally, it's spelled out. For all the action and carnality, this is a play of ideas. The dialogue is raw, dark, and funny; it's a punch in the stomach, followed by a titty-twister to the Why Bother Generation and the f-ed up ... full review
KYLE WILSON certified reviewer June 19, 2013
Really fascinated by this one and impressed by all elements of the production. Wouldn't mind seeing it again if I had the time!... full review