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solo performance · bill ratner · Ages 12+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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♛♛♛ Bill Ratner’s BOBBYWOOD ♛♛♛



“We could not have picked a better performer to help us kick off the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD FOUNDATIONVOICES FOR VOICES” program. That immediate standing ovation you received for your performance of "Bobbywood"…was well deserved…To a master storyteller, our sincere thanks."
—Paul Pape, Co-Founder Don La Fontaine Voiceover Lab
Screen Actors Guild Foundation


LATHEATERCRITIC.COM: “Profound, deeply affecting production…a beautifully written, tender eulogy…a show not to be missed.”

• LA WEEKLY: “A good-humored tale…The story marinates nicely…”

SHEANAOCHOA.COM: ""How wonderfully he captured what I’ve always called the “randomness” of Los Angeles…It constantly surprises…a wonderful play…"

ALONGCOMESMARY: “This one-man show is marvelous.”

BALANCINGACTPOD Natalie Lipka: “Bill Ratner, an entertaining veteran, an artist, and a true story teller, with Jonathan Menchin’s music setting the mood…this a must see.”

EXAMINER.COM Bob Leggett: “I fell in love with the storytelling of Bill Ratner last year, and this year’s offering is even better…Don’t miss this show!”

GIAONTHEMOVE.COM: “Bill is an exceptional story teller…A MUST SEE at the Fringe this year.”

LASTAGETIMES: “Bobby is gone but not forgotten as long as Ratner keeps telling this atmospheric story.”

EXAMINER.COM Bonnie Priever: “A wonderful tribute to the glory and horrors of old Hollywood…The multitude of characters he portrays in this one man show is a delicious complement to the most simple, basic of sets, and the accompaniment of masterful pianist/musician Jonathan Menchin.”
⚉ ⚇ ⚈ ⚆ ⚉ ⚇ ⚈ ⚆ ⚉ ⚇ ⚈ ⚆ ⚉ ⚇ ⚈ ⚆ ⚉ ⚇ ⚈ ⚆ ⚉ ⚇ ⚈ ⚆ ⚉ ⚇ ⚈ ⚆ ⚉ ⚇ ⚈ ⚆ ⚈ ⚆ ⚉ ⚇ ⚈
Bill Ratner was watching I Love Lucy one night, when his father said, “That’s your uncle, Bobby the Bellboy.”

“My uncle Bobby is on I Love Lucy?!?”

Although Ratner knew all his other aunts and uncles, his parents didn’t encourage a relationship with Bobby. He was too “Hollywood.”

Watched by tens of millions of fans, Ratner’s uncle, comedian Bobby Jellison, staggered into Lucy & Ricky Ricardo’s Beverly Palms Hotel suite delivering luggage, laundry, and priceless dialogue. But after thirteen episodes Bobby disappeared.

Decades later Two-Time Best of Hollywood Fringe Extension honoree Bill Ratner tracked down his uncle Bobby. What he found was a tarnished Hollywood treasure. Come along on the search for Bobby the Bellboy and experience his hopes, dreams, and hallucinations in this unique world premier solo show starring Bill Ratner, one of Hollywood’s top voiceover artists.

HUFFINGTON POST: “More than just the premier voiceover talent in Hollywood today, Ratner writes with subtlety and texture worthy of a literary fiction master…”
• LA WEEKLY: “High-­caliber storyteller”
• Eight-­time winner: The Moth Story Slams
• Awarded Best of Fringe Extension 2012 for “Voices in my Head,” and Best of Fringe Extension 2013 for “Bobbywood.”

Bill Ratner’s stories are featured on KCRW’s “Strangers,” and “The Business,” and “Good Food” on National Public Radio stations. He is the voice of movie trailers: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Will Ferrell’s The Campaign, MegaMind, etc., Smithsonian, History, and Discovery Channel documentaries, the voice of “Donnel Udina” in Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3, and “Flint” on G.I. Joe, Robot Chicken, and Family Guy. More info at

production team

bill ratner *
jonathan menchin *
music director
brenda varda *

* Fringe Veteran

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