Murder Blood Bear Story Part 2

Solo Show · schika schika · Ages 16+ · 1hr · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere

Blue awakens from hibernating alongside her source of happiness; a fearsome grizzly bear she’s named “Happy”. Follow the unlikely pair’s quest back down the mountain on their search for home, encountering friends new and old, who struggle with Blue’s concept of “happiness”, triggering the grizzly to teach Blue a lesson of his own — the only happiness you can help is your own.

In 2015 & 2016, writer/performer Katelyn Schiller’s Murder Blood Bear Story won “best in festival” and “best performance” touring theatre festivals across the country and to Canada. This year, join the artist as they return to the story of the spirited traveler named Blue, and her bear, whose quest to tame happiness is threatened by their rising animal instincts. Will they complete their journey home, or will Blue’s kindness and empathy come to a bloody end?

Murder Blood Bear Story Part 2 is a captivating stand-alone sequel that utilizes theatre magic, violent puppetry, and heartful storytelling delivered by a passionate performer and puppeteer.

Reviews from Murder Blood Bear Story Part 1  (no need to see part 1 to enjoy part 2!)
“For all the satisfaction that Schiller’s buoyantly vivid performance provides, none of us who join in on her hunt gets to escape the realization that happiness is dangerous prey.”
– Lyle Zimskind, Stage Raw

“Schiller’s work is poetic, complex, deep, and challenging. Each of the stories built on the last, not linearly, but emotionally. It was one of those moments when we understand the power of theatre in the hands of a great actor.” – Paul Janes-Brown, Maui Reviewer


Production Team

steve troop *

creature builder

paul bugallo 

director, producer

katelyn schiller *

actor, writer, producer, art & graphic design

* Fringe Veteran