MAR 2024

Meet the Staff: Rody Villegas

Hi! I’m Rody, I’m the Hollywood Fringe Festival Artist Services Coordinator, and thrilled to be helping you out by answering questions and working to make your Fringe Festival experience a great one.

Before I was a part of the Fringe Staff, I was a participant! So I know how fun it is and how crazy it can feel, and what’s Fringe without a little craziness? Truly, I’m so thrilled to be a resource and someone who you can reach out to for questions you may have in your Fringe journey. Just know you’re not doing this alone, you and hundreds or other dedicated artists are all achieving something wonderful, and doing so together. 

So a little about me! I love reading plays, big theatre nerd, guilty as charged. I love playing card games (I always try and keep a deck of cards on my person). I am a stress baker… so I have burned the occasional banana bread— but if you have recipes please share them. (I promise not to burn it). In addition to Fringe, I’m a carpenter & Scenic Designer and currently teaching Scenic Design at a local high school.

As we all get more into the swing of things at Fringe, please feel free to say hi, strike up a conversation, or just tell me how your day’s going. Fringe is an incredible ecosystem of artists and excited theatre audiences wanting to see/test the limits of what theatre can be, and the best thing: everyone is cheering everyone on— I certainly am.