FEB 2024

Announcing the 2024 Fringe Scholarship Recipients!

We are so excited to announce a total of 10 recipients of the 2024 Hollywood Fringe Scholarship!

Baby Rock
Blacks in Space: The Fantastic Voyage
Habla y te Salvas: Stories of a No Sabo Kid & His Guayaco Dad
Resting Slut Face
Silhouettes Of Scarlet (S.O.S)
Supernova: The Suicide Hero
Woody Fu is Keanu Reeves in: One-Man John Wick

Applications were reviewed and recipients were selected by an objective committee of former scholarship winners and artists & artistic company reps whose missions align with the program’s goal of expanding and diversifying the body of work being presented at Fringe.

There were so many outstanding applications, and the committee would like to acknowledge the following honorable mentions:

Black Bastard
Futakuchi Onna
Hold Me Down
Platinum Pussy
Yo Mama Dresses You Funny


This year we have one shows performing from our 2020 Scholarship Winners. Our 2020 Winners were not able to perform due to the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Hollywood Fringe offers every 2020 winner the opportunity to perform in perpetuity until all winners have performed. This year we have performances from:




At Hollywood Fringe, we seek to make the performing arts more accessible, both to the artists who produce work and for those who otherwise cannot afford to see theatre. Scholarship recipients will receive free registration, a stipend toward venue/production costs for three performances, an experienced Fringe mentor, and marketing/networking opportunities with the community.

Congratulations to all!