JUL 2021

Introducing Fringe Central 2021 powered by Gather

This year, we’re located square in the heart of Gather.Town

Let me walk you through the experience you’re about to have. Gather is a combination video-chat platform and video game we all get to enjoy together. To gather! 

The best way to enjoy this platform is on a desktop or laptop computer. Chrome is the recommended browser. 

Once you click the link you will be asked to enter your name and choose your avatar and clothing. (You will do this each time you enter, so fear not, you can change your costume the next time you swing by.)

Click next 

You will then allow Gather to use your camera and microphone. Just like in Zoom. 

Click “join the Gathering” 

You then have the option for a quick tutorial and then walk through the doors of Fringe Central 

(wouldn’t it be great if every social gathering or new life experience had this option in real life?)

You can also .. 

Click skip tutorial to move swiftly into Fringe Central. 

The Basics

  • You can move your avatar around with the arrow keys. Up goes up, down goes down, the rest you can figure out from there.
  • If you ever find yourself lost in the virtual world or stuck in the crowd, you have two options. One of them is holding down the G key and you can pass through other people. You won’t be seen or heard while you are in ghost mode, you can pass through the crowd unabated.
  • If you ever get lost, you can always click on your name at the bottom of the screen and choose “respawn.” That will take you back to the central room where you joined.
  • If you’d like to dance, you can hold the Z key. Look at you go!
  • If you’d like to follow a friend into a different room or area, you can right-click (or double-finger click) on their avatar and you’re automatically following them around until you press a key to move somewhere else.


We hope this is never needed but it’s important to us that you always feel safe. 

  • If someone is bothering you, you can always block them, and you won’t be able to hear from them in chat or in video. 
  • Our Code of Conduct applies to our virtual spaces and we take conduct seriously at Fringe. If you are harmed in any way in this space or any other at the festival email [email protected] 

The Hollywood Fringe staff look forward to helping guide you through the site along the way. Ask us questions at Office Hours, feel free to play around in the space as you figure it out. 

Remember, Have a wonderful time in our shared space! You will always be in control of your experience and we are here if you hit any walls (virtually or otherwise).

Want to do a deep dive to make the most of your virtual experience? Gather has you covered. Check out their support center