A round of applause for all the winners! // Foreground: Fringers Ben Moroski & Monica Martin during HFF12 // Photo: FringeTV


MAY 2016
We’re proud to announce the winners of the 2016 Fringe Scholarships:
An objective committee of former Hollywood Fringe participants reviewed nearly 40 applications for this award. Fringe Scholarships provide each recipient with complimentary festival registration.
The winners are a direct reflection of Hollywood Fringe’s dedication to providing platforms for unique and underserved artists within the community. This scholarship, created in 2016, was awarded to five Hollywood Fringe productions, based on the following factors – the production features the participation of ethnically diverse artists; the production will enrich audience experience through the presentation of unique, underrepresented themes, and the production will increase festival attendance and participation by local Hollywood residents.
“I am proud of our collective decision, looking at the finalized list, I feel content knowing we thoroughly considered the proposals, discussed the complexity of defining diversity in regards to storytelling and representation, and chose plays that reflect both national and international diversity, multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, diversity. Stories that seem driven by a sense of purpose, that hold intention of honoring the audiences that will be drawn to these plays and the festival at large, and seem grounded in their craft and artistry – to go beyond this year’s festival and plant seeds for the future.” – Elisa Noemí, 2016 Fringe Scholarship Selection Committee Member
“The Fringe Scholarship is important to me because as a touring artist of color I go to many Fringe Festivals where I am probably one of maybe two or three people of color in the entire festival. Whenever I meet the local artists of color in the cities that I go to, and ask them why they don’t participate in their local Fringe Festivals, lack of funds is always the answer.” —Les Kurkendaal, 2016 Fringe Scholarship Selection Committee Member
This scholarship is partially funded through a grant from the California Community Foundation. Special thanks to our committee members: Chris Farah, Les Kurkendaal, and Elisa Noemí.