Hercules Insane

vin siniscalchi · June 22, 2018
Maybe I've led a charmed life, but nothing like Hercules, slaying monsters since a babe in the crib. A presentation I've never experienced before, Hercules Insane delivered fighting, interpretive dance, poetry, life and death, gods and monsters, and even SAD HERCULES! I couldn't look away, and I don't think anyone else has, either. Oh, and the director's introduction was worth the ticket alone.... full review

The Day I Became Black

kate huffman · June 22, 2018
Writing, performance, purpose - all phenomenal. Bill Posley tells his story with heart and truly brilliant comedy. You deeply empathize with his story while have a GREAT TIME. You'll laugh so much watching this show, but you'll also walk away educated and more deeply connected with humanity. ... full review

Sex and the Musical

elizabeth furrey · June 22, 2018
Wow. I was absolutely blown away by the production quality of this show. I'll admit, I haven't seen Sex and the City. But I didn't need to know a thing about the show to understand the play. Sex and the Musical is a fast-paced, witty social commentary on how young working women are portrayed through media. Each actress gave a stellar performance and had me laughing at almost every moment. I would absolutely love to see this one again, and I cannot wait to see what this company has planned for in ... full review

Baba, Jee (Father, Yes)

rob angell · June 22, 2018
A relatable story about family and culture that is both sweet and raw.... full review

The Word

elizabeth furrey · June 22, 2018
Victor Isaac was an absolute delight to watch! I was glued to his performance from beginning to end, even though I saw this a midnight! He gives a captivating performance as he effortlessly alternates through three unique characters. The piece itself was original and satirical, though very relevant to modern day mentalities. I would absolutely go see this show again!... full review

Dracula's Taste Test

bob derosa · June 22, 2018
This show was a wicked good time. Great music, a hilarious cast, and crowd sing-alongs! What's not to love? ... full review

A Life Behind Bars

kathleen rubin · June 22, 2018
A Life Behind Bars is a tour de force written and performed by Dan Ruth about his life as a actor/bartender living in Brooklyn, dealing with the changing landscape of NYC in the 90's through the horrors of 9/11 and Dan's personal journey with alcohol and getting sober. He brilliantly portrays many different characters, morphing in and out of them, weaving them into his life story seamlessly. I was taken on a ride with Dan that left me exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. It(HE) is bra... full review

Don Waterski Goes Up Nort'

jacob gerstel · June 22, 2018
This show is profoundly silly, and I loved it! Despite being a Los Angeles native, I felt very safe going up nort' with Don as my guide. I laughed, I gasped, I cried, and I think--in the end--I might have even learned something: about life, love, and the great nort' woods. I for one can't wait for my next visit!... full review

Dracula's Taste Test

aaron mendelson · June 22, 2018
Cheeky fun!... full review

The Word

erik engman · June 22, 2018
I saw bits of this originally a few years ago as a part of Sacred Fools' late night show "Serial Killers", so I was familiar with the characters going in. What Victor did in the intervening years was to take the characters and weave them into a funny, powerful show about redemption and living on through the impact you leave on others. I did not expect to be so moved by the last 20 minutes. Simply beautiful. The way the show crafts these silly characters to be people we care about by the e... full review

Rayn: An Electronic Burlesque Experience

erik engman · June 22, 2018
You are promised a burlesque show, but what you get with this is much more interesting and wonderful. The show is basically a concert. An intimate concert with dancing and burlesque. And intimate is the key. She has no problem bringing the show to each member of the audience so we feel included and spoken to. Some members were given glasses and draped with a flashy boa, some were spoken to directly with eye contact. And she wasn't shy about dancing with people, sitting in their laps or taking... full review


todd schwartz · June 22, 2018
Droll, witty, sophisticated, original.... full review

The Day I Became Black

carmela z · June 22, 2018
Through brilliant humor and captivating multimedia, Bill Posley curates a powerful, necessary piece on a specific perspective not commonly addressed in today’s popular culture. Every minute of this one-man performance is saturated with consistent comedy paralled at every moment with thought provoking accounts and moving anecdotes. Well deserving of the standing ovation it received from a sold out crowd transfixed by every word. ... full review


russell eaton · June 22, 2018
Potentially the most joyfully odd concept at this year’s Fringe festival is part revival of the classic Beckett existential romp Waiting for Godot and part escape room. The cast led us on a truly fun and bizarre journey. It’s wonderfully weird. Absolute fun for the small audience, this interactive piece had me laughing out loud as the audience joined together to figure out what we were supposed to be doing. The audience plays an active roll in making sure the show keeps moving for. It's c... full review

The Day I Became Black

jason poston · June 22, 2018
Funny and poignant. The house was packed, with people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and everyone was laughing together. A great feeling. Bill Posley is very funny, and he does a great job making everyone feel welcome and well cared for.... full review

Alexa, Turn Off Heartbreak

bryan kett · June 22, 2018
Erickson and Boggs intertwine crippling, relatable romantic scenarios with such humor and poignancy that the audience can't help but to feel a catharsis.... full review

The Day I Became Black

kandice martellaro · June 22, 2018
This is the best one person show I have ever seen. Bill Posley balances very powerful subject matter and humor perfectly. I spent majority of the show laughing until my sides hurt but parts were so powerful they made me cry. I walked out of this show thinking hard about the subject matter and over a month after seeing it, I’m still quoting jokes from this show. ... full review

Millennial Pink

anonymous · June 22, 2018
This was a hilarious play with some genuinely touching moments. A real gem with a great cast in and intimate setting. I look forward to seeing more work from the creators!... full review


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Written by the award winner of 2014 hit Angels and Whiskey and directed by Best Comedy for the DC Fringe winner Branda Lock, we finally answer the question: what happens to gods who have no believers left? Let There Be Thistles: An Ungodly Comedy.

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