tessa fixter-coniglio · July 07, 2018
100 percent! A +, Fun, smart, and a really great social commentary without batting you over the head. The writing was so clever, well thought out, and fun. So many great one-liners. All of the characters were really distinct and developed. I laughed so much and when I wasn't laughing I was smirking with amusement. The acting was stellar with such great comedic timing. I'm gushing and I don't write glowing on a whim. Go see it!! ... full review

The Rental

katy sanchez · July 07, 2018
The Rental artfully leads the audience through an array of emotions as you get an inside look at the life of elyse. Astin does a beautiful job enveloping the character and can not only utilize but masterfully create different emotions ranging from being vulnerable to disbelief and then outright hatred. ... full review

The Rental

shawyon fazel · July 07, 2018
This is the most honest commentary on modern insecurity and emotion in today’s society embodied by precisely crafted characters. BRILLIANT!... full review


sasha kushner · July 07, 2018
What an outstanding performance! Sarah was captivating and animated throughout the entire show with hysterically funny, tearful and heart-warming moments. Can’t wait to see what’s next!... full review

Buzz'd Out Live!

monique lebleu · July 06, 2018
Get 'Buzz'd' and Splooshed in Hollywood at the Studio/Stage. For fans of trivia games, games shows, colorful game show hosts, and perhaps even “splooshing” enthusiasts, “Buzz'd Out! Live!” at the Studio/Stage in Hollywood is definitely for you! Although a family show, this immersive show is geared towards adult participants who willingly—if not enthusiastically—set themselves up for getting splashed on, dumped out, puddinged and generally “creamed” with an assortment of food and non-food relat... full review

Mime Time with James Direct Presents: GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD!

don lewis · July 04, 2018
So much fun and surprises! James is so talented. I saw a short version so the full show was great fun. If you need to escape this dreary world look up James Direct!... full review

Marilyn Monroe: The Last Interview

anonymous · July 04, 2018
Marilyn Monroe: The Last Interview (the raw truth of a Hollywood legend) is a HIT! Elissa.EatonAlive Enterprises... full review

Black When I Was A Boy

rhonda redman · July 03, 2018
Plenty of stories to share with those of us that haven't grown up as a young black boy in a white touching and yet hilarious...Cooper has shared his experiences in such a heartfelt way that you can't help but want to see it again and have as many friends as possible see it!!! ... full review


ernest kearney · July 03, 2018


ernest kearney · July 03, 2018

Best Buddies: The Hip-Hop Musical

coley gilbreath · July 02, 2018
This hip hop musical was hilarious and so well done! ... full review

Lorelei: I'm Coming Out!

matt morillo · July 02, 2018
This is some funny stuff. You can immediately see you are in the presence of a gifted storyteller. Lorelei hooks you from the top of the show and doesn't let up. Lorelei owns the room! ... full review

Skin Jobs

matt morillo · July 02, 2018
Excellent show. Tight script and wonderful performances. It tackles a very timely subject matter and anyone who considers themselves "woke" should see this show. ... full review

The Color Collective

matt morillo · July 02, 2018
Funny, funny, funny stuff. I'm sure you've already heard that. Well, you heard correctly! ... full review

The Woman Is Perfected

matt morillo · July 02, 2018
If Ruth Fowler is the author, you go see the show! And go see this one! It's a raw and powerful exploration of a very important topic! Great stuff! ... full review


matt morillo · July 02, 2018
Wonderful show. Funny, touching but mostly heartbreaking. The cast is superb. Melanie Holmes just kills it! I recommend. ... full review

Nakedheart: Rebel with a Voice

samantha h. · July 02, 2018
First and foremost.... The play was great! This was special. Especially if you know the stories behind the show...... This play had everything a girl could want! A chauvinistic stiffy displaying his fragile broken ego aand having the world beat him down. Pretty kinky humor, to get your tickle bone in those hard to reach spots ;) . Yes, Bravo indeed. HAlfway through I wanted to shoot Cyrus (Main dude) for being such a hopeless romantic. A montly crew of characters all coming together to share... full review

Anxiety Written

jessica lynn johnson · July 02, 2018
Intelligently written. Truthful and endearing performance. Edu-tainment at it's best.... full review

STAGES: Girl Meets Boy, Boy Meets Boy, Girl Meets Drink

jessica lynn johnson · July 02, 2018
Absolutely outstanding. Emily is a beautiful talented force with an amazing voice. Her passion and humor on stage is so engaging.... full review

Marilyn Monroe: The Last Interview

audrey serepca-rice · July 02, 2018
This was a moving, sensitive portrayal of Marilyn Monroe. Kelly Mullis researched historical information about Marilyn from many sources. After seeing the play I searched for some of the information I had never known before and found that Kelly did a marvelous job of gleaning many facts that have been exposed about Marilyn. As a writer, Ms. Mullis took those nuggets of information and crammed it into a one-hour production that gives the audience a cross-section account of Marilyn's life. Marilyn ... full review

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