STILL... The Play Inspired by 4:44

daniel wallace · June 17, 2018
Excellent . Creative, relevant, engrossing . Perfect balance complexity and simplicity. Excellent variation tempo, range of emotions and development of all the characters. ACTING WAS SUPERB . ... full review

A Piece of Work

victoria elizabeth · June 17, 2018
Laura has such charismatic, charming, and engaging presence onstage. From her humor to the more serious moments in her performance, it was a joy to watch. The performance flows effortlessly between each to story to each song. Go see it!... full review

Nakedheart: Rebel with a Voice

chris leidecker · June 17, 2018
A deep, heartfelt story with a little weirdness. ... full review

Sam Shaber: Life, Death & Duran Duran

anonymous · June 17, 2018
Storytelling with original songs inspired by the stories.... full review

Final Preparations

Recommended. The show is full of some truly scary beats and beautifully executed stage tech.... full review

F#@K I Love U: ALIVE!

anonymous · June 17, 2018
Relevant, and well executed.... full review

The Terrible Legend of Victoria Woodhull

anonymous · June 17, 2018
Fascinating piece on a forgotten figure in American history. Enjoyed the telling and the acting. Richly rendered and portrayed.... full review

PLAY ON! A Musical Romp with Shakespeare's Heroines

margaret mendenhall · June 17, 2018
Very creative musical summation of Shakespeare's female characters in their own voices. A tour de force performance by Laura Jo Trexler.... full review

The Maya in Me

margaret mendenhall · June 17, 2018
This covered much more territory than I thought it would, The mix of first person narrative, Maya Angelou's words, music and dance was uplifting; the musicians on stage and the very comfortable seating also made the overall experience special.... full review

Cowboy Mouth

mary rast · June 17, 2018
Great ... full review

Stand Down the March

ryan luevano · June 17, 2018
Stand Down the March is an inspiring piece of theatre that dares to tackle serious subject matter while delivering a thoroughly gratifying evening of theatre. After speaking with the writer briefly after the show she mentioned the possibility of adapting this story as a screenplay, a medium for which this piece will definitely flourish given the kind of focused character-driven story telling it already possesses. ... full review

Black When I Was A Boy

rachel goldberg · June 17, 2018
BLACK WHEN I WAS A BOY is a powerful exploration of one young man's journey from being forced to challenge his identity of who he is and his place in the world simply because of the color of his skin. It was incredibly moving and universal in it's exploration of how young lives can be shattered in an instant -- by one word, one look, and a racism that is both insidious and explosively violent. Cooper Bates' is an incredible actor, but even more importantly, he is a thoughtful and insightful human... full review

Gun and a Motel Bible

alexander bernstein · June 17, 2018
Gun And A Motel Bible was a fascinating discourse on morality and religion. If you like to see great actors argue about the deeper meanings of life, this is your show!... full review


kathie barnes · June 17, 2018
This show surpassed my expectations by far!! WHAT A TERRIFIC SHOW !!!! The writing, the acting and even the costume were Magnificent. I loved the way the actor related to the audience and to the props and mostly to Ingersoll. Excellent play!!!... full review

Happy Hour

michael orlandi · June 17, 2018
Tracey and Zach have written a wonderful slice-of-life play. I was moved by each character's POV and their unique and sincere interactions with one another. The conversations were thought-provoking and relevant. It's a play about simple human connection, how we crave and sabotage it in our day-to-day lives. Loved it!... full review

The Oz Monologues

megan miller · June 17, 2018
I love the Wizard of Oz so any opportunity to visit this story is a treat for me. It's an original idea and the costuming was great, it's clear a lot of work went in to the show.... full review

STILL... The Play Inspired by 4:44

patrick chavis · June 17, 2018
9.2 out of 10 - Exceptional Show!! Click the podcast to learn more. http://latheatrebites.com/hollywood-fringe-2018-still-the-play-inspired-by-444-the-complex-theatre-in-hollywood-review/... full review

Alexa, Turn Off Heartbreak

megan miller · June 17, 2018
Entertaining and smart I enjoyed every minute of the show!... full review

Meanwhile, Back at the Super Lair

anonymous · June 17, 2018
The show was super fun! Laughed a lot! Great cast!... full review

PLAY ON! A Musical Romp with Shakespeare's Heroines

christopher piehler · June 17, 2018
This show bills itself as a romp, and that is spot on. The songs are funny, sexy, sad, and in the case of Lady M, terrifying. Play On is a testament to the power of one woman and a piano.... full review

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Attack of the Retro Sci-fi Futurist

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