Nurse Asistio: Living the Filipino American Dream!

natalie macmillan · July 05, 2017
A brave, energetic, and well-crafted solo show about a young Filipino American woman.... full review

Solomon: King, Poet & Lover - A Play About 1 Man & 700 Wives

isabelle loeb · July 05, 2017
Fantastic work, boldly creative, engaging and soo so playful! A piece with great ancient culture to it blended with modern fresh humor and current topics! ... full review

Urban Theatre Movement Presents: Urban Unrest

harim sanchez · July 03, 2017
A show where the seats should have seatbelts installed. A completely electrifying show that forces the audience to come to terms with their political stance and does so in a way that isn't preachy or corny - which is difficult with a politicis-fueled show. Every performer displayed such commitment that made me marinate in the moment. If you don't think Urban Theatre Movement is the future of LA theatre then you're a fucking idiot. ... full review


tehana weeks · July 03, 2017
This is a fun show. I really enjoyed watching it!... full review


tehana weeks · July 03, 2017
Well done all around - well written, well directed, well acted and well produced. The show is fun and flows nicely. Jennie Fahn is a treat to watch and I love Tom Cavanaugh's work! ... full review


anonymous · July 02, 2017
Amazed by Paul's performance! It was incredible how he was able to present a complex issue in a thoughtful, clear, and creative way. ... full review


anonymous · July 02, 2017
Fun and unexpected... very funny!... full review

Definition of Man

rebecca brown · July 02, 2017
Simply excellent. I laughed, teared up, experienced shock... Total emotional roller coaster watching these two try to get along with one another with simply no distractions after the end of the world.... full review


sameelah reed · July 02, 2017
This play was nothing short of amazing! The storyline was one of relevance and cleverly depicted. The characters were very well casted. The actresses each displayed a unique talent to their respective roles. I hope to see a part two as it left me wanting to know more. It was so entertaining yet thought provoking! A job well done!!!... full review

Definition of Man

joe spence · July 01, 2017
Physical. Emotional. Spiritual. Empirical.... full review

Trixie: The Musical

anonymous · June 30, 2017
This show was an absolute joy. It was very well performed and touching.... full review


anonymous · June 30, 2017
Awesome cast. Awesome acting. Awesome script. Awesome.... full review


james nguyen · June 30, 2017
Amazing Performance! Paul Yen gives an honest display of the struggle that Asian Americans face not only in the media, but throughout history and in our lives today. This show raises awareness of the racial injustice for Asian Americans told through the story of Paul's life and through the stories of our favorite superheroes. ... full review

Slashed! Returns

danny manus · June 30, 2017
So much fun! A great, campy good time. Love the nostalgia and comedy, great characters and a couple really good songs. The time flew by and I could've watched much more. The cast was really strong, especially Sean and the leads. Very imaginative and a bloody good time!... full review

We Are Traffic

danny manus · June 30, 2017
Moving, smart, funny, really nice storytelling and felt genuine. A smart take on life and finding who you are through rideshare.... full review

L.A. Homebody / The Anxiety Cure

josh shayne · June 29, 2017
Such a thoughtful, funny, and moving show! Both performers were extraordinary. The writing was top-notch. Clearly Lizzie Prestel and Shauna McGarry are both expert storytellers at the top of their game. They each have such distinct and powerful narrative voices. I look forward to hearing more from them for years to come. See this show!... full review

Bono and The Edge Waiting for Godomino's

jennifer lamar · June 29, 2017
Just the right amount of satire. Well written.... full review


diane feldman · June 29, 2017
This powerhouse of a woman can take you from guttural laughter to gut wrenching tears in an instant. Her commitment to character, and the prowess with which she brings her characters to life, make it impossible to escape reliving each vignette right along with Jennie. She draws you in from her very first word. Your core experiences what her core experienced. ... full review

Confessions of an Arab Woman

cassidy davis · June 29, 2017
A very interesting story for women, by women which I love. And it shed some light on what it really means to be an Arab woman, clearing up all the stereotypes and misconceptions. My favorite line of the show was something along the lines of- if you didn't know there are liberated arab women then that's your problem, not ours. I loved that!! Very good show!!... full review

The Video Games

cassidy davis · June 29, 2017
I LOVED it. So well written, so well performed, and I loved all the audience interaction. Although I didn't get all the references, I knew that all the jokes written into the script were done so purposefully and tactfully and it made for a very enjoyable show. I also loved how much we, as an audience, could participate. We could determine the outcome of the show!! So cool. I'm not a video gamer and I still loved this show. ... full review

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