"The Parisian Dream"

anonymous · June 27, 2018
Very good performance from the only real French Cabaret based here in Los Angeles. The audience has been transported into a Parisian dream and an unforgettable journey - they all seemed delighted to see such a quality show.... full review

The Day I Became Black

robert vestal · June 26, 2018
I loved this show!... full review

A Beast/A Burden

anonymous · June 26, 2018
Sucks you right in, very enjoyable!... full review

Men of Blood

waseem abbas · June 26, 2018
Overall, I was left stirred up and provoked by this unique performance. The delivery, staging and relationship of both characters were impactful in its simplicity.... full review

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

josie young · June 26, 2018
As a visitor coming in from Iowa, i wasnt sure what “hollywood” theater would look like. I walked in to the play, still kinda nervous to see what was happening. As the play started, i was immeadiately intrigued. Anna captivated the audience with her amazing accent right at the beginning. From then on, I was just astonished! It was vey humerous and well-written. Their acting was impeccable and I loved it so much! Burt had me freaked out with his other creepy voice, it all felt so real! Thank you f... full review

Unapologetically Black

dixie perkinson · June 26, 2018
One of the best solo shows I’ve ever seen. I laughed. I cried. And then i laughed and cried again. It was one of the most honest performances i have ever scene. I felt like i was right there with her. ... full review

Gun and a Motel Bible

ana zimhart · June 26, 2018
What a treat! Witty, intelligent, and refreshingly original, without isolating the audience (a tough feat when one of the characters is a BOOK!)... full review

Anxiety Written

anonymous · June 26, 2018
ANXIETY WRITEN performed and written by Jessica Carleton. Hollywood Fringe Festival. Selected for an Encore Performance We are taken on a journey. We see inside the mind and heart of a young teen. Witness a girl discover her feelings and place in the world in spite of torment, bullies, internal conflicts and attempts to understand and control confusing obsessions. You are not alone, is the message brought to us by a young woman. She discovers that needing to deal with life you find p... full review

Sugar: The Super Sweet Musical

anonymous · June 26, 2018
Super fun! With great talent all around!... full review

A Complete Waste of Time

w. l · June 26, 2018
Stephen Chang received a standing ovation at the end, and it was well deserved. This is a mix of personal stories, witty insights, and punchlines that kept me surprised (and laughing) throughout the show. ... full review

Will You Accept This Rose? The Bachelor Parody Musical

anonymous · June 26, 2018
Everything! From start to finish, I don't remember not laughing. From the dialogue to the lyrics, just out right fun. Clever, witty and hilarious!... full review

It's Easier To Love A Cat

anonymous · June 26, 2018
Very touching. Wonderful performance by Cindy!... full review


anonymous · June 26, 2018
Thought it was really really good. Very entertaining, made for a great end to the night... full review

If My Voice Were Better I Wouldn't Have to Try So Hard

marius layus · June 26, 2018
'If My Voice Were Better...' is a good way. One of the goals of theatre is to make the audience feel like as if they're spying upon a scene through a window. The play is able to capture these playful, intimate, and essentially gross interactions that young couples of today participate in. I'm reminded of a Seinfeld episode where George and Elaine are disgusted by Jerry and his girlfriend's pet name for each other, "Schmoopy!" Yulch. ... full review

Still Life of an Orange and Other Puppet Parables

constance jaquay strickland · June 26, 2018
I truly enjoyed Still Life Of An Orange. It was Avant-Garde, abstract, ingenious and quite original from the normal fare of soli shows. It was unique and relevant to the times in which we are existing. I thought it a profound piece of theatre that took a look at huge issues such as eviction, the housing industry, the environment and the questioning of ones existence. I would love for this work to be seen with more time. Yet it can be hard for audiences to break away from the obvious and experien... full review

A Mile In My Shoes

gloria garayua · June 26, 2018
Kathryn Smith does a beautiful job taking on multiple characters, their physicalities, and voices! The content of this show is serious but Kathryn does a nice job threading in some humor. Loved how she used a variety of media. She uses a projector, overhead music through the speakers, a live voice from backstage, and she herself sings, and dances, and mimes! She is spectacular and brings a very important subject to the awareness of sold out houses!... full review

I Died Today

dl west · June 26, 2018
Loved this was highly entertaining given the subject matter but maybe more importantly it was thought provoking. Came away thinking about life and death from a whole new angle. Greg's concept of 4 different actors doing the same monolog is fabulous and unique in my experience. It is a powerful story and very well conceived...enough humor to balance what seems like a very serious subject...I Died Today. Saw two great actors (Jahmone and David) back to back and was amazed at their... full review

A Complete Waste of Time

denzil meyers · June 26, 2018
I really enjoyed this show. I had met Steve previously, so I wasn't sure what to expect. He does a good job of unravelling his stories.... full review

When Skies Are Gray

deirdre butchko · June 26, 2018
Honest. Raw.... full review

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