Round Rock

ensemble theatre · theatre unleashed & winner entertainment · world premiere · United States of America

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“Round Rock” is the Texas legend of the Sam Bass Gang, a group of notorious outlaws in the late 1800’s best known for committing one of the largest train robberies in U.S. history. At the center of a jurisdictional crisis between the old and new law enforcement agencies of America, the gang must choose between a life of adventure and life of convention. A story about love and friendship, this Western epic from acclaimed playwright Aaron Kozak (“The Birthday Boys”) blends old fashioned rustic charm with a darkly comic style.

production team

U 83 t 2362677
U 76 t 4734002

aaron kozak *

playwright / director
U 175 t 7241329

bernie stern

Default user image

jon burkhart

U 9370 t 4283415

trevor david *

jim murphy
U 6567 t 9157577

erin moore *

stage manager
U 9499 t 2011635

gregory crafts *

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jim martyka *

press agent
U 1552 t 1168460

corwin evans *

set designer
U 9597 t 2595770

caleb mills stewart *

sam bass
U 9598 t 4877042

joey miller

seaborn barnes
U 9599 t 7211861

laura spencer

U 9600 t 8885002

drew farmer

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rachel kerbs *

U 9602 t 2659853

mandy muenzer *

calamity jane
U 9603 t 2606545

bethy poluikis *

U 9604 t 967761

jill klopp

U 9605 t 56590

clayton meeks *

maj. john b jones
U 9606 t 8299756

eric cire *

marshal russel
U 6448 t 383636

j. anthony mccarthy *

dad egan
Default user image

travis dixon

judge hogg
U 9609 t 8419070

lenny hernandez *

deputy grimes / faro dealer
U 9610 t 4899814

alan heitz *

U 9611 t 8189700

amy vorpahl

Default user image

zainab outlaw

costume designer
U 10217 t 9679420

ben atkinson *


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