P 844 t 1742131


theatre · minutelovestories productions · Ages 15+ · world premiere · United States

First Love/Worst Love, is an examination of love and its mutability, as expressed through five actors and twelve short stories. Experience love’s peaks and pitches - disappointment, passion, caution, faith, indolence, dread, fury, and, perhaps most importantly of all, hope.
P 911 t 816480


theatre · exposure · Ages 15+ · family friendly · world premiere · one person show · United States

Tonya Meek’s bittersweet comedy, “Flying Standby”, reveals how the determination to escape her alcoholic mother carried her through a turbulent ride of addiction, lost love, and a final desperate flight toward reconciliation. Please extinguish all smoking materials and prepare for take off.
P 792 t 6235234


theatre · caruso · Ages 15+ · one person show · United States

Into the Torrent Sea, The Lost Journal of Grace O'Malley, The Pirate Queen of Connaught is the true story of Grace O'Malley, a female Irish pirate from the 1500's on her journey to meet with her enemy, Queen Elizabeth.
P 796 t 8265214


theatre · kim coles inc. · Ages 18+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

Kim Coles chronicles the ebb & flow of her showbiz rise with Hollywood-insider stories, multi-media features & interpretive dance! With her signature sass & irrepressible, goofy charm, Kim presents a side-splitting show that will make you laugh and inspire you to find your special gifts.
P 784 t 5720541


cabaret & variety · full frontal music · Ages 10+ · family friendly · one person show · United States

Original bluesy pop songs connect the true story of how a boy rebuilds himself from devastating loss by collecting souvenirs and stories of his celluloid heroes, while visiting L.A., in 1977. How? By walking to their actual houses, knocking on their doors, and asking them in person, of course.
P 769 t 9774450


theatre · woodhaven productions · Ages 17+ · world premiere · United States

A recent college grad returns home to New Orleans following news of her father's terminal illness. Rapidly spiraling in a storm of drugs, sex and deception in the notorious French Quarter, she must find her way toward the most painful decision of her life.
P 809 t 1406684


musicals and operas · wisehart productions · Ages 13+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States

Virginia City is a new musical about finding your voice. A young drifter named Sam Clemens lands a job as a reporter in an old west mining town. Inspired by a visit from scandalous showgirl Adah Isaacs Menken, Sam finds his voice and becomes Mark Twain.
P 781 t 6944022


theatre · david michael taylor · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

Mental illness was never so much fun as in MIXED PERSONALITY DISORDERS, a world premiere solo show by David Michael Taylor. Born into a family of maniacs, raised by the TV, and unprepared for life in the real world, his tale of trauma and triumph makes this the feel-good feel-bad play of the year.
P 749 t 9930165


ensemble theatre · theatre unleashed & winner entertainment · world premiere · United States of America

"Round Rock" is the Texas legend of the Sam Bass Gang, a group of notorious outlaws in the late 1800's best known for committing one of the largest train robberies in U.S. history. A story about love and friendship, this Western epic from Aaron Kozak blends rustic charm with a darkly comic style.
P 930 t 4920612


theatre · coeurage theatre company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

Eric Czuleger is a PCV in Albania. LTB is a new media theatre project that tells his stories. Performed by Deven Simonson, Directed by Sara Perry. Live streamed around the world. It's a microphone, an actor, and an audience. Real stories happening now, experienced live onstage and online.
P 904 t 4222852


comedy · ramsey brown inc · Ages 15+ · one person show · United States

Ooh La La is a comedy about how my life didn't end up like the board game Life. I go searching the world for love (or just a blue peg to ride around with me) and instead find something completely different...myself.
P 920 t 3574124


theatre · steve julian · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

"A bishop. A priest. A woman. A boy." Snatched from today's headlines, "Altarcations" examines lust, absolution, accepting apologies, and whether any place is safe. "Altarcations" is a project of the Pasadena Arts Council's EMERGE Fiscal Sponsorship Program.
P 889 t 6723315


comedy · kidblink · Ages 17+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

"Why is it that the guys you like, never seem to like you back?" If you ever have asked yourself this- and let's be honest you're going to a theater festival, so you have- come, sit back, and get ready to laugh at someone else's crushes, heartbreaks and seriously awkward photos.
P 842 t 4948294


theatre · 2-11-90 · Ages 18+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

How much would you sacrifice to pursue a dream? Intern trainees at the busiest television casting office in Los Angeles are about to find out, as they are led on a wild and unforgettable training day by a hotshot casting director, a street tough from Brooklyn, and a RADA-trained Brit.
P 910 t 7406791


theatre · pink oil productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · Australia

Anaconda is a play that takes an honest look at the aftermath of bullying and the search for redemption. Two people have the chance to mend the wounds of the past at the expense of their futures. If you had everything you ever wanted, would you risk it all to be forgiven?

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