Round Rock

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DAVID WISEHART · June 18, 2012
A very impressive show. "Round Rock" is well written and acted. The characters are distinct, and their motivations clear. The period costumes are nicely done. The set is spare, modular, and effective. My only caveat is that Aaron Kozak's intelligent and compelling script would probably work much better as a film than a stage play. The scenes are numerous, and brief, with dozens of scene transitions that, while briskly executed, give the play a staccato feel that works against the story's momentum. Overall, however, I recommend this show highly.... full review

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ANONYMOUS · June 23, 2012
Good, fun script. Talented cast! I felt like I wanted more of a rough-housing atmosphere. And a little higher stakes at some points. But really nice work overall.... full review

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CINDY MARIE JENKINS certified reviewer · June 10, 2012
I only started loving westerns in the last few years, and "Round Rock" was a rocking good time. The relationships balanced nicely with the action, and the layers of history added a nice reality to the story. Especially interesting were some characters struggling with the new rules, new territory and laws newly made in a typically lawless land. Everyone in the large cast held their own and I especially loved the female special agent, and two actors who played a few different roles and made each one distinct. The real bloodletting of the play reveals itself in the large group scenes, specifically in the hotel at the end of act one. Seeing all of the various characters from different walks of life in one place puts the whole world in perspe... full review

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 16, 2012
This is a western. That's one thing you need to know. If you enjoy any of the old Clint Eastwood movies, you will probably like this. Except, this one has more heart. Yes, it's a bit long, but the actors keep it moving. I would recommend this show, as it will surprise you.... full review

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ALEX SCOTT certified reviewer · June 19, 2012
Theatre Unleashed and Writer/Director Aaron Kozak set the bar high when it comes to what to expect at this years Hollywood Fringe Festival. The acting, costuming, and scenery (not to mention the brilliantly crafted script) take us back to a "simpler time" and work nearly flawlessly together. Drew Farmer, Caleb Mills Stewart, Joey Miller, and Rachel Kerbs lead a horrendously talented cast that deserve a never ending standing ovation for their commitment to their characters and extremely challenging material. This cast doesn't act like they're in an 1800s western - they ARE in an 1800s western - and you best not tell them any differently. I was a little confused by the selection of Modern Western music for a show that takes place in ... full review

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MAD MAGPIE certified reviewer · June 17, 2012
This is a wonderful old time western, chock full of great characters. The execution is wonderful, the actors are all strong and the direction is sure footed. The play moves along at a quick clip, and it is a truly enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. ... full review

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 20, 2012
I checked this out because I love westerns in any form. To their credit, Round Rock was a truly strong effort from the actors. However the constant breaking up of scenes stole from their momentum. These scene breaks might have worked in a film, but this was a play and as soon as the story might be getting somewhere the scene would end and the audience would have to wait in the dark for a couple minutes while they switched locations...Sorta jarring. The direction also seemed a bit rushed as if they were speeding so fast through their lines that they weren't permitted to milk any moments. The is was most apparent during the last scene where I could have used a little more air in the scene to feel the moments. The actors spoke in Wester... full review

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